SUGIMOTO Takashige

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SUGIMOTO Takashige

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University


Similitude of the hydraulic model experiment for tidal mixing
Jour. Oceanogr. Soc. Japan   30(6)    1974
Effect of boundary geometries on tidal currents and tidal mixing
Jour. Oceanogr. Soc. Japan   31(1)    1975
Jour. Phys. Oceanogr.   13(10) 1819-1828   1983
Seasonal and Year-to-Year variations of the Tsugaru Warm Current and their Dynamical Interpretation.
Coastal Ocean Research Note   21(1)    1984
Takashige Sugimoto, Masato Kobayashi
Jour. Oceanogr. Soc. Japan   43(6) 363-376   1987

Books etc

Physical environment-focusing on movement of water mass and transport of perticles.
Circulation and transport environment for Sardine eggs and larvae in Tosa Bay(共著)
Long-term Variations ofpelogic fish populations and their environment (ed. by Kawasaki et al. ) Pergamon Press   1991   
Variations in ocean environment and living resources
Climate and weather effects on the chlorophyll concentration in the northwestern North Pacific (共著)
Terra Pubisher   1995   
Transport and survival of Japanese sardine larvae (Sardinops melanostictus) in the Kuroshio-Oyashio region : A numerical approach(共著).
A. A. Balkema Publishers   1996   

Research Grants & Projects

Short and long term variations in ocean environment and their role on material transport and biological production
Population dynamics of pelagic fish
Circulations in coastal waters and their roles on the water exchange and materials transport