ARAI Yoshio

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ARAI Yoshio
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences,General Systems Sciences
Job title
Ph. D.(The University of Tokyo), Master of Science(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

Editorial Committee of Asian Geographer
Scientific committee of NETCOM
IGU Commission on Informational Society  Steering Member

Published Papers

Local government broadband policies for areas with limited Internet access: An analysis on survey data from Japan
ARAI Yoshio
NETCOM   (26) 251-274   2012   [Refereed]
Modern and Post-modern in time-use
ARAI Yoshio
City Planning Review   59(3) 44-47   2010
The geographical digital divide in broadband access and governmental policies in Japan: three case studies
ARAI Yoshio
NETCOM   34(1-2) 7-26   2010   [Refereed]
Geographical Factors in the Development of the Mobile Phone Market and Services in Japan
ARAI Yoshio
Komaba Studies in Human Geography   (19) 17-28   2008
Population aging and sustainability of residential areas in the suburbs of a major core city: Case Study of Fukuoka
ARAI Yoshio
Annals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers   54(4) 310-326   2008   [Refereed]
Provision of Information by Local Governments Using the Internet: Case Studies in Japan
NETCOM   21 315-330   2007
Mobile Internet and Local Information: A Case in Japan
Arai, Y.
Komaba Studies in Human Geography   (18) 44-54   2007
The aging population in the suburbs of Metropolitan Tokyo
Naganuma, S., Arai, Y. and Esaki, Y.
Human Geography   58(4) 399-412   2006
Geolocation technology and local information in mobile telephony
Arai, Y.
NETCOM   (20) 9-25   2006
Social stratification and the polarization of consumption
Annals of the Japan Association fo Economic Geographers   51, 1, 3-16    2005


Journal of Geography   106(6) 816-819   1997
Life Space of the Elderly
Regional Development   (383) 1-11   1996

Books etc

Spaces of Life and Times in City : Anthology of Time Geography
Kokin Shoin   1989   
A Study on Housing Environment of Elderly People Living in Suburban Area
The Dai-ichi Housing Research & Advancement Foundation   1994   
Space and Time in Cities : Time-geography of human Activities
Kokon Shoin   1996   
Information flows in the research and development activities
Nihon Kyoron Sha   2000   
Migration in Japan; Life courses and Localities
Kokon Shoin   2002   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Human Activity Space in the City
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Study on the Spatial Structure of Information Behavior, between firms
Study on the Spatail Structure of Retail