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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Rissho University Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy
Apr 1980
Mar 1981
Research Assistant
Apr 1981
Mar 1984
Apr 1984
Mar 1991
Associate Professor
Apr 1991
Mar 1996
Associate Professor


Apr 1974
Mar 1980
Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1972
Mar 1974
Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

The Paradox o Pain Experiences
Investigaciones Fenomenológicas, vol. Monográfico 7   7 435-449   Mar 2018   [Invited]
What are Senses and Sense Modalities?
Yearbook for Eastern and Western Philosophy, Vol 2.   2 56-74   Oct 2017   [Invited]
What are senses: From a viewpoint of ecological phenomenology
(33) 43-66   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
From that which is made to that which makes: technology,science, and religion in the philosophy of Kitaro Nishida
Japanese Philosophy   (17) 88-105   Dec 2016   [Invited]
What can we learn from Fukkushima? The mult-Dimensionality of Technology
Special Supplement, Journal of Philosophical Research   251-257   Dec 2015   [Invited]
Abstract: The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant,
which occurred on the occasion of the Great East Japan Earthquake on
March 11, 2011, caused enormous damage to the political, social, cultural
and natural environments in Japan a...


Book Review: Handbook of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
International Journal of Philosophical Studies   20(4) 579-583   Oct 2012

Books etc

Phenomenology of Tasting: Multi-modality of Perceptual Experiences
Mar 2019   
Phenomenology and the Problem of Meaning in Human Life and History eds, by L'ubica Učnik and Anita Williams
Verlag Taugott Bautz GmbH   Dec 2017   
Mar 2017   
Retrieving Realism
Jun 2016   
Technoscience and Postphenomenology, The Manhattan Papers, eds, by J.K.B O. Friis and R. P. Crease
Lexington Books   Oct 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

The multi-modality of senses: What are senses? [Invited]
Junichi Murata
Kant Abend   22 Apr 2017   
From the made to the making: technology, science and religion in Kitaro Nishida [Invited]
6 Jun 2015   
The Multi-dimensionality of Technology: Lessons from Fukushima
International conference: Bounds of Ethics in a Globalized World   6 Jan 2014   Christ University

Research Grants & Projects

science and religion
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Today