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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Tohoku University Graduate School of Science, Department of Physics

Committee Memberships

理化学研究所仁科センター共用委員会 委員
日本学術会議 連携会員
Physical Review C editorial board, American Physical Society  Member of Editors


O. Hashimoto and H. Tamura
Progress Part. and Nucl. Phys.   57 564-653   2006
T. Hasegawa, O. Hashimoto, S. Homma, T. Miyachi, T. Nagae, M. Sekimoto, T. Shibata, H. Sakaguchi, T. Takahashi, K. Aoki, H. Noumi,H. Bhang, M. Youn, Y. Gavrilov, S. Ajimura, T. Kishimoto, A. Ohkusu, K. Maeda, R. Sawafta, R.P. Redwine
Phys. Rev.   (C53) 1210-1220   1996
Proton energy spectra in the nonmesonic weak decay of TexC
O. Hashimoto, S. Ajimura, K. Aoki, H. Bhang, T. Hasegawa, H. Hotchi, Y.D. Kim, T. Kishimoto, K. Maeda, H. Noumi, Y. Ohta, K. Omata, H. Outa, H. Park, Y. Sato, M. Sekimoto, T. Shibata, T. Takahashi, M. Youn
Phys. Rev. Lett. {\\bf 88} 042503, 2002      2002
Phys. Lett.   62(2) 233-236   1976

Conference Activities & Talks

(e,e’K+) Hypernuclear Spectroscopy and Examination of charge symmetry breaking in the A=7 T=1 L hypernuclei
International Symposium on New Facet of Spin-Isospin Responses (SIR2010)   2010   
Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at JLab Hall C
The 10th International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics (HYP-X)   2009   
Hypernuclear Physics- experimental overview with an emphasis on L hypernuclear spectroscopy -
MAMI and Beyond   2009   
Recent results from the Hall C hypernuclear program
IX International Conference on hypernuclear and strange particle physics   2006   
Electro- and photo-production of strangeness on nucleons and nuclei
International Workshop on Strangeness Nuclear Physics   2006   


2011 - 2014
電子・光子ビームによるストレンジネス物理 国際連携研究プラットフォームの構築
2009 - 2011

Research Grants & Projects

Strangeness nuclear physics
Project Year: 1984 - 1984
Pion-nudleus reaction
Project Year: 1984 - 1984