IMAI Toshiyuki

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IMAI Toshiyuki
Wakayama University
Faculty of Systems Engineering, Department of Design and Information Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor
Master(The University of Tokyo), Doctor(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo


A Combinatorial-Structure Oriented Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams of Line Segments
IPSJ SIG Notes   89(89)    1989
An algorithm to construct line segment Voronoi diagram robust against numerical errors
Proc. Annu. National Conf. JSIAM   243-244    1992
Topology-oriented approach to robustness and its applications to several Voronoi-diagram algorithms (共著)
Proceedings of the Second Canadian Conference in Computational Geometry   36-39   1990
Some Techniques to Determine the Signs of the Values of Polynomials by Modular Arithmetic and Their Applications To Computational Geometry
Transactions of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics   5(2) 11-18   1995
A Combinatorial-Stracture Oriented Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams of Polygons
IPSJ SIG nots   (95-AL-45) 17-24   1995

Books etc

Primer of the Design Information Science

Research Grants & Projects

A study on the failure of geometric algorithms and the way to avoid it
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1989   
Modeling system based on the topology-oriented method
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1989   
A method to construct geometric algorithms robust against numerical errors
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1989