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The University of Tokyo
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Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
Mar 1981
Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

(Le Prix de la Communication Culturelle Nord-Sud、

Published Papers

藤原 帰一
東洋学術研究   51(1) 344-371   2012
藤原 帰一
The Journal of oriental studies   47(1) 223-241   2008
藤原 帰一
International relations   (149) 15-29   Nov 2007
History and Nationalism,
Japan Echo      Aug 2001
International Relations   2001(128) 1-11,L5   2001
It has been quite some time since Peter Gourvitch, among others, had indicated that the interaction between international relations and domestic political change might have a more dynamic and theoretically interesting character than previously bel...
藤原 帰一
季刊国際政治   (125) 147-161   Oct 2000
International Relations   2000(125) 147-161,L18   2000
Much has been made of the claim that democracies do not fight each other. This claim met more skeptical eyes outside the United States, if only because the argument shared an annoying similarity with another argument once shared by supporters of c...
International Relations   125(125) 147-161   2000
After the Fall: Crisis in Japanese Political Economy
Asia Perspectives 2      1998
Journal of social science   40(1) 1-94   Jul 1988
How Democratic are Democracies? Comparative Performances of Asian Democracies
   Mar 1984
State Formation and Regional Order: Southeast Asia in the International Environment,
Peace Building in the Asia Pacific Region. Sydney      1996


MORI Kazuko, FUJIWARA Kiichi, HORIMOTO Takenori, ITO Go, KUROYANAGI Yoneji, OKONOGI Masao, AMAKO Satoshi
Asian Studies   60(1) 23-36   2014
INUKAI Yuuichi
自由思想   (129) 2-15   Apr 2013
Fujiwara Kiichi
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Two Faces of Globalization : Interdependence and Hegemony
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After the Fall : Changes in the Japanese Political Economy.
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Hegemony and Networks : On Conditions of Order Formation in International Politics
The 20th Century Global System Vol. 6 : Functions and Transformations   6    1998
"Contending Orders in East and Southeast Asia : Japanese and Asian Perspectives"
Discussion Paper, vol1-4, Japanese Economic & Management Centre, the University of New South Wales      1996
Philippine Studies in Japan
Philippine Studies Newsletter 1996      1996
Autocratic Peace or Democratic Peace
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"Imagining the Past, Remembering the Future"
Social Science Japan   (3)    1995
Fujiwara Kiichi
Asian Studies   41(1) 101-110   1994
Cold Wars, Provincial and Metropolitan.
Global Area Studies   (5)    1994
The End of the Sino-American Cold War and Southeast Asia
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Cold War Hangovers : US Military Bases and Philippine Nationalism
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Party Politics in the Philippines : A Congress without Parties
Party Politics in ASEAN      1993
The Long End of the Century
Kanagawa Daigaku Hyoron   15    1993
Political Economy of Democratization : Regime-changes in East Asia
TUP.      1992
Basic Factors in Political Change/Aspects in Political Change
Kobundo      1992
Cold War in Asia : Structure and Process
TUP      1992
Power Politics and Inter-dependence
Shiso   803    1991
A Local Cold War : JUSMAG and the Reorganization of the AFP 1948-1950
Chiba Daigaku Hogaku Ronshu   6(2)    1991
藤原 帰一
アジア経済   31(9) p79-83   Sep 1990
Philippine Politics and Development Administration
Industrialization in the Philippines      1990
The Military in the Democratizing Process
Civil-Military Relations in the Rrocess of Modernization      1990
Institution and Movement of "Democracy"in the Philippines
Shakaikagaku Kenkyu   40(1)    1988
World Market and Development Policy
Chiba Daigaku Hogaku Ronshu.   3(1)    1988
Whe Cares about ODAs ?
Peace Studies   (13)    1988
International Relations   1985(80) 169-173   1985
The Development of "World-System"
Shiso   738    1985
Ethnicity as an Ideology : The "Moro Problem"
Kokka Gakkai Zashi   97(7-8)    1984
藤原 帰一
The Journal of the Association of Political and Social Sciences   93(9) p771-773   Oct 1980

Books etc

藤原 帰一, 永野 善子
ANVIL Publishing Inc.   2012   ISBN:9789712727658
藤原 帰一, 永野 善子
NUS Press   2011   ISBN:9789971694692
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The Sovereign State and the Nation State
Methods in Social Science   1994   
Why Nations Agree -or Do They?
Consensus in an Age of Chaos   1994   
Governmental-Parties and Pressure-Group Oppsitions : Governmental Party Regines in Southeast Asia
┣DBContemporary Asia, Vol. 3 : Demovahgation and Cconomic Devlopment(/)-┫DB   1994   
Industrialization and Political Change : State, Capital, Society
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World Wars and World Orders : Approching 20th Century International Politics
The 20th Century Global System Vol. 1   1998   
The Cold War and State Formation in Southeast Asia : From Revolution to Development
The Asian Style of Decision Making and leadership   1998   
How the Cold War Ended -From Peace by Agreement to Peace by Force
The 20th Century Global System Vol. 6 : Fanctions and Transformation   1998   
On Globalization
Facing a Globalized China   2000   
Patterns of Changes in International Relations: Major Wars and their Aftermath
ECSSR (Abu Dhabi)   2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

Tanaka Akihiko, Hook Glenn D., Drysdale Peter D., Fujiwara Kiichi, Ishida Hiroshi
Journal of social science   31 Mar 2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Governmental-Party Regimes in Southeast Asia
Memories of War
Woodrow Wilson and American Notions of International Order