ARAI Tatsuru

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ARAI Tatsuru
Former Institution / Organization Ehime University School of Medicine Faculty of Medicine
Job title
Professor,Associate Director, University Hospital
Doctor of Medicine(Okayama University)


Cerebral haemodynamics after cardiac resuscitation
Okayama Igakkai Zasshi   89(1) 2   1977
Blood-brain barrier impairment after cardiac resuscitation
Critical Care Medicine   9 6   1981
Effects of mannitol on cerebral circulation after transient complete cerebral ischemia in dogs
Critical Care Medicine   14 7   1986
Cerebral blood flow during conventional, new and open-chest cardio-pulmonary resuscitaion in dogs
Resuscitation   12   1984
Responsiveness of cerebral vessels to changes of blood pressure and partial pressure of carbon dioxide after a transient period of cardiac arrest in dogs
Resuscitation   12   1985