NAGATO Toshikazu

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NAGATO Toshikazu
Former Institution / Organization Fukuoka Dental College Faculty of Dentistry Department of Dentistry

Research Areas



Faculty of Dentistry, Kyushu Dental College


Growth mechanism of the rat submandibular gland
J. Jpn. Stomatol. Soc.   41(3)    1992
A scanning electron microscope study of myoepithelial Cells in exocrine glands
Cell Tiss. Res.   209(1)    1980
Effect of parasympathectomy on the histochemical maturation of myoepithelial cells of the rat Sublingual salivary gland
Archs Oral Biol.   36(7)    1991
Three-dimensional architecture of rat lingual filiform papillae with special reference to the epithelium-connective tissue interface
J. Anat.   165    1989
Gap Junctions in rat sublingual gland
Anat. Rec.   214    1986

Books etc

Comparative studies of the striated ducts of mammalian salivary glands. In : P. M. Motta(ed). Celland tissues : A three dimensional approach by modern techniques in microscopy.
Alan. R. Less, Inc. (New York)   1989   
Evolutionary divergence of salivary gland acinar cells : A format for understanting molecular evolution. In : (K. Dobrosielski-Vergona ed. ). Biology of the salivary gland.
CRC Press(Boca Raton, Ann-Arbor, London, Tokyo)   1993   
Repair and regeneration of dental tissue. in oral histology, 5th ed., (A.R.Ten Cate)

Research Grants & Projects

Development of the salivary glands.
Trophic function of the chorda tympani-lingual nerve.
Ultrastructure of the salivary glands.
Ultrastructure of the hard tissue