KUSHIDA Hisaharu

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KUSHIDA Hisaharu
Momoyama Gakuin University
Faculty of Letters, Department of Intercultural Studies
Job title
M.A.(Osaka University), Ph.D(Osaka University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Osaka University
Faculty of Law and Literature, Ehime University


Does the “Zai-yi Theory” Make Sense in Today’s World?
Xuesi Philosophy   No.12    2005
What Lessons Can We learn from the Confucian Legacy again?
Intercultural Studies, St. Andrew's University   No.31    2004
Political Prognostications Based on Earthquakes in Ancient China
THE TOHO SHUKYO(The Journal Eastern Religions)   No.102    2003
He Resembles Me:The Realities in Replacing the Royal Prince
Language and Culture, The Society of Language and Culture, Osaka Prifecture University   vol.02    2003
Research on Poritical Prognostication Based on The Appearance of Meteors and Comets in Ancient China
Research Report, Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research(C)      2002

Books etc

The Wisdom of the Chinese Old Poetry
Gakken   2004   
The Confucian Ethic--How We Learn from History
Chuokoron-shinsya, CHUKO-SHINSHO NO.1685   2003   
Social Thought in Ancient China Based on the Yao and Prognostication
Sobunsha, ORIENTAL STUDIES LIBRARY NO.49   1999   
Scrawls on Tian'anmen Square
Kodansha, Modern Newbooks   1990   
Confucianism and Prognostication
Nobuyuki Kaji ed., Books Esoterica "The Book of Confucianism", Gakken,   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

The History of Social Thought As Seen through Chinese Prophecy
The Relation Between Astronomy and Zai-yi theory in Anciant China
Research on Social Phenomenon based on Natural Disasters in Janan,China, Korea, and Indonesia
Project Year: 2005 - 2007