KOMATSU Masayuki

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KOMATSU Masayuki
Former Institution / Organization Ehime University Ehime University
Job title


Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Hokkaido University
Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University


Chemical composition of glass in clusions in the phenocrysts of some volcanic rocks
Proceedings of the Japan Academy   46 7   1970
Electron microprobe study of unmixing of aluminous pyroxenes from Cherzolite and pyroxenite, Uenzaru, Hidaka mountains, Hokkaido, N. Japan
Memoir of Geological Society of Japan   11   1974
Journal of Geological Society of Japan   85 6   1979
Kaersutite-aegirine dolerite in green rocks in the Shizurai-Mitsuishi area, Kamuikotan helt, Hokkaido
Journal of Geological Society of Japan   85 7   1979

Books etc

Ophiolite suite rocks in some ophiolite belts in Japan
Geodynamics in Southwest Pacific   1977   
Disclosing of a deepest section of continentaltype crust up-thrust as the final erent of Collision of arcs in Hokkaido, N. Japan
Accretion Tectonies in the Circum Pacific Regions   1983   
Evolution of the Hidaka metamorphic belt, northern Japan
Evolution of Metemorphic belt   1989   
Hida "Gaien" Belt and Joetsu Belt
Pre-Cretaceous Terranes of Japan   1990   


Geometry and kinematics of fractures in granite
2001 - 2001

Research Grants & Projects

Petrological study on high temperature type metamorphic belts in Island arcs
Project Year: 1970   
Geometry and kinematics of pseudotachylite faults
Project Year: 1997