TSUJI Yutaka

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TSUJI Yutaka
Japan College of Social Work
Faculty of Social Welfare, Department of Social Administration
Pedagogy Master(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Formation and Development of the Regulation of National Government Subsidy to Citizens' Public Hall : mainly in 1946-1959
Department of Adult Education, Nagoya University, Studies in Adult Education   (6) 91-11   1987
Significance and Method of the Historical Study of Gifu Prefecture Social Education during the Occupation
Department of Adult Education, Nagoya University, Studies in Adult Education   (7) 1-10   1988
Occurrence of Social Problems and Tranceformation of "Hotoku" Idea
Graduate School of Education, Nagoya University, Kyoiku-Ronso   (32) 1-10   1989
Specialization of Citizens' Public Hall Manager and Right to Learn of Citizens
Asociation for Study of Adult Education Literature, Study of Adult Education Literature   (8) 39-53   1989
Relief through Education in Theory of Social Policy at Meiji・Taisho
Bulletin of the School of Education, Nagoya University   (36) 245-254   1990

Books etc

Development and Subject of Social Work Education at Citizens' Public Hall
"Social Work Education Practice in Adult Education"   1987   
Basic Subject for Compilation of Social Work Education Contents
Japan Society for the Study of Adult Education, Theory of Present-day Adult Education Contents   1989   
Basic Subject of Adult Education Administration in Occupied Japan
"Adult Education Policy by GHQ"   1990   
Formation of Social Welfare Education Theory
Investigation of Adult Education Theory before World War II   1992   
Life-long Learning and Social Work Community Social Work
Staring, Meditating, Supporting"Social Work"   1997   


Study of High Quality Function on Institutions for Life-Long Sports
1998 - 1999
Study of Community Day Service at Institutions as Cooperative Stores
1998 - 1999
Study of model work on nursing prevention
Study of Educational Power by NPO and Publicity of Adult Education

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Adult Education Planning
Study on Citizen's Movement for Welfare
Study on Education of Lower Society