YOSHIDA Tetsushi

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YOSHIDA Tetsushi
Former Institution / Organization Kochi University Research and Education Faculty Natural Sciences Cluster Agriculture Unit

Research Interests


Research Areas



Subcellular particles isolated from aleurone layer of rice seeds.
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics   155(1)    1973
Distribution of mineral elements in the outer layer of rice and wheat grains, using electron microprobe X-ray analysis.
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   20(1)    1974
Radioautographic demonstration of the accumulation site of phytic acid in rice and wheat grains.
Plant and Cell Physiology   15(1)    1974
Tetsushi YOSHIDA, Kunisuke TANAKA, Zenzaburo KASAI
Agricultural and Biological Chemistry   39(1) 289-290   1975


Agro-physiological Studies on Sago Palm(Effects of Soil Conditions on the Growth and Starch Accumulation in Sago Palm)

Research Grants & Projects

Study on rice plant nutrition in warm district of Japan
Study on nutrition of fruit vegetables cultivating under structure
Study on sagopalm cultivation and utilization in southeast asia