SONODA Toshikatsu

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SONODA Toshikatsu
Kindai University
Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering

Research Areas



"Comparison of Nonlinear and Linearized Controls of Field Excitation of Two-Axis Synchronous Generator for Stabilization of A Power System"
IEEE Powe Engineering Soci. Paper   (A77) 730-735   1977
"Unstable Oscillating Mode in PWM Variable Speed Drive of Induction Motor and Its Stabilization"
IEEE Ind. Appl. Soci. , 1982 Ann. Conf. Rec.   686-691   1982
"Stability Improvement of Current Controlled Induction Motor Drive System by Nonlinear DC Reactor"
IEEE Ind. Appl. Soci. , 1982 Ann. Conf. Rec.   707-712   1982
IEEE Trans. on Power Apparatus and Systems, ol. PAS-102   102(1) 171-179   1983

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Highly Sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor and Its Applications
Development of Ultra Low Noise Amplifier
Study on Flux-Controlled Type Variable Reactor