MORITA Shigeki

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MORITA Shigeki

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University


The effect of extra-anatomic bypass on aortic input impedance
J. Thoracic Cardiovasc Surgery   102(5) 774-783   1991
Left ventricular assistance improves mechanical efficiency of the right ventricle
Surgical Forum   42,311-314    1991
Lung transplantation and right ventriculat/arterial coupling in pulmonary hypertension
Surgical Forum   43,304-306    1992
Right ventriunlar/arterial coupling in the patient with left ventricular assistance
Circulation   86(S2) 316-325   1992

Books etc

Effect of left ventricular assistance on ventricular/ar terial coupling and efficiency of energy transfer from pressure-volume area to external mechanical work of the right ventricle
In Heart replacement ; Artificial Heart 4, Springer, Verlag, Tokyo   1993   


Measurement of end-diastolic pressure-volume relation of in vivo canine heart : A new method for estimating effective left ventricular volume(共同演者)59th Scientific Sessions of American Heart Association Circulation 74/Suppl(]G0002[),443
Optimal timing for application of ventricular assist devices in patients who cannot be waned from cardiopulmonary bypass : An experimental study(共同演者)ASAIO 34th Meeting
Increased characteristic impedance causes left ventricular hypertrophy in dogs 62th Scientific Sessions of American Heart Association Circulation 80(Suppl II) ; 299
Diastolic function determines the cardiac output in patients with low ejection fraction secondary to ischemic heart disease 62th Scientific Sessions of American Heart Association Circulation 80(Suppl II) ; 275
The clinical trial of FK506 as primary and rescue immunosuppression in adult cardiac transplantation(共同演者)28th Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Research Grants & Projects

A clinical study for expanding the indication for minimally invasive cardiac surgery
Perioperative analysis of ventricular function and myocardial perfusion using echocardiography
Long term organ preservation for Heart or lung transplantation