RYU Yuji

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RYU Yuji
The University of Kitakyushu
Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture
(BLANK)(Kyushu University)

Research Areas



Combined Utilization of Natural Energy Resources for Solar Assisted Heat Pump Systems with Refrigerant Direct Expansion Radiator/Collector
Proc. 2nd Cairo International Symp. on Renewable Energy Sources      1990
Simulation and Optimization of Floor Heating System with Solar-assisted heat pump - Improvement of the Korean Traditional Heating System "Ondol" -
Proceedings of The Tenth International PLEA Conference      1992
Improvement in Thermal Performance of Outer Insulated Wall Using Evaporative Cooling
Journal of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Engineering   360    1986
An Experimental Study on Passive Cooling of Double Envelope Systems Using Water Evaporation and Atmospheric Radiation
Journal of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Engineering   391    1988
Thermal Performance of Passive Cooling System Having Exterior Walls Outside Layer Saturated with Water
Transactions of Environmental Engineering in Architecture   5    1983

Books etc

Passive Cooling of Houses - Housing Design for Natural Energy Application -
Environmental Engineering in Architecture


Evaluation of performance for floor heating system with latent heat storage material
1988 - 1999
Study on air-conditioning system with floor thermal storage
1999 - 2000
Study on sick house syndrome

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Passive and Low Energy Architecture
Study on Heat Pump System with Heat Storage
Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Residential Buildings