Maseru Itakura

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Maseru Itakura
Kyushu University
Interdisciplinary Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Electrical and Material Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.(Kyushu University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Kyushu University, Research Assistant
Kyushu University, Assistant Professor
- Kyushu University, Associate Professor


Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Kyushu University
Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology

Awards & Honors

Jul 2013
Magnetic properties of Sm-Co/α-Fe nanocomposite thick film-magnets at room and high temperatures, ISAMMA-2013 Best Poster Award, IEEE Magnetics Society
Winner: H. Fukunaga (A. Tou, M. Nakano, T. Yanai, M. Itakura)
Sep 2012
Atomic Resolution STEM-XEDS Chemical Mapping Substitutional Dy Atoms in High Coercovity Nd-Fe-B Magnet, International Metallographic Contest 2012, Class 3, Third Place, International Metallographic Society, ASM
Winner: M. Itakura (S. Matsumura, N. Watanabe, M. Nishida, T. Daio)
Sep 2006
Microstructures of Si0.6Ge0.4 Thin Films Fabricated by Ni-metal Induced Lateral Crystallization, IMC16 Poster Award, Materials Science, First Place, International Federation of Societies for Microscopy
Winner: M. Itakura (S. Masumori , Y. Tomokiyo, N. Kuwano, H. Kanno, T. Sadoh and M. Miyao)


M. Nakano, H. Kondo, A. Yamashita, T. Yanai, M. Itakura, H. Fukunaga
AIP Advances   8    May 2018
© 2018 Author(s). PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition) method with high laser energy density (LED) above 10 J/cm2followed by a flash annealing enabled us to obtain isotropic nano-composite thick-film magnets with (BH)max80 kJ/m3on polycrystalline Ta subs...
Rina Takizawa, Hiroshi Akamine, Hiroshi Akamine, Masaru Itakura, Masaru Itakura, Minoru Nishida, Minoru Nishida, Nobuhiro Katayama, Koichiro Morimoto
Nippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals   82 121-124   Jan 2018
© 2018 The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials. In the hydrogenation decomposition desorption recombination(HDDR)processed Nd Fe Co B Al Ga Zr magnet powders, influence of the desorption recombination(DR)temperatures on the microstructures was...
K. Kobayashi, D. Ogawa, K. Koike, H. Kato, M. Oogane, T. Miyazaki, Y. Ando, M. Itakura
Journal of Physics: Conference Series   903    Oct 2017
© 2016 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. We fabricated the MgO(100)/Mo/[Nd2Fe14B/Mo/Fe/Mo]5/Mo multilayer films, in which we tried to avoid the negative Jexinterfaces and thermal diffusion between Nd2Fe14B and α-Fe layers by forming t...
Rina Takizawa, Masaru Itakura, Nobuhiro Katayama, Koichiro Morimoto
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials   433 187-194   Jul 2017
© 2017 Elsevier B.V. Microstructural changes and crystallographic orientation information in the hydrogenation-decomposition-desorption-recombination (HDDR) process of Nd-Fe-B alloy were investigated using electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) a...
M. Itakura, J. Fukuda, K. Koike, H. Ishikawa, D. Ogawa, H. Kato
AIP Advances   7    Mar 2017
© 2017 Author(s). We investigated La-coated Nd2Fe14B thin film magnets by scanning/transmission electron microscopy to clarify the coercivity enhancement mechanism in Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets. The coercivity of La-coated film magnets was increase...

Books etc

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Proc. 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Electron Microscopy   2004   
STEM analysis of precipitates and dislocations in Fe-Cu alloy
Proc. 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Electron Microscopy   2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Crystal Structures and Physical Properties of the 4f-Electron Systems under High Pressure
Dynamics of Long Period Superstructures in Phase Transformation Process
Microstructures of the Nd-Fe-B Magnet during the Hydrogenation-Decomposition-Desorption-Recombination Process
Project Year: 1990   
Microstructures and epitaxial orientations for β-FeSi2/Si sputtered thin films
Project Year: 2002   
Formation of Long-Period Superstructures in TiAl Single Crystal with Composition-Gradient
Project Year: 2000   
Microstructure Analysis for Metal-Induced Lateral Crystallization of SiGe thin film
Project Year: 2002   
Epitaxial growth of Al doped β-FeSi2 and characteristic enhancement
Project Year: 2004 - 2005
Microstructure of Zn-coated Nd-Fe-B HDDR powders produced by metal-vapor sorption method
Project Year: 2002 - 2004