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Kyushu University
Interdisciplinary Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Environmental Fluid Science and Technology
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Doctor of Engineering(Kyushu University)
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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyushu University
Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University

Published Papers

GIS-based spatial analysis of urban heat island in Fukuoka metroplitan area
Yukun Wang, Akiko Nishimura, Yuji Sugihara, Guoyun Zhou, Yukiko Hisada, Nobuhiro Matsunaga, Osama Eljamal
Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser.B1(Hydraulic Engineering)   74(5) I_1189-I_1194   2018   [Refereed]
Methane yield enhancement by the addition of new novel of iron and copper-iron bimetallic nanoparticles
Tareq W.M. Amen, Osama Eljamal, Ahmed M.E. Khalil, Yuji Sugihara, Nobuhiro Matsunaga
Chemical Engineering and Processing : Process Intensification   130 253-261   2018   [Refereed]
Phosphate removal through nano-zero-valent iron permeable reactive barrier; column experiment and reactive solute transport modeling
Ibrahim Maamoun, Osama Eljamal, Ahmed M.E. Khalil, Yuji Sugihara, Nobuhiro Matsunaga
Transport in Porous Media      2018   [Refereed]
Laboratory experiments on the transition of wind-driven water surface
Daisuke Miyazaki, Yuji Sugihara, Yoshihiro Nakamura, Michio Sanjou, Takaaki Okamoto
Engineering Sciences Reports, Kyushu University   40(1) 1-6   2018
Scrutiny of interference effect of ions and organic matters on water treatment using supported nanoscale zero-valent iron
Ahmed M.E. Khalil, Osama Eljamal, Tareq W. M. Amen, Yuji Sugihara, Nobuhiro Matsunaga
Environmental Earth Sciences   77(13) 489   2018   [Refereed]


Parameterization of CO2 transfer velocity at the surface of wind waves
Journal of Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering   23(1)    2005
Surface-renewal eddies at the air-water interface in oscillating-grid turbulence
Proceedings of 4th international Symposium on Envirionmental Hydraulics and 14th Congress of Asia and Pacific Division, International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research      2005
Measurement of the flux of carbon dioxide across the surface of wind waves(jointly worked)
Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE   50 101   2003
Studies of surface microturbulence and air-water gas transfer
Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE   49(.91)    2002
An empirical expression for gas transfer velocity based on wind-wave parameters
Proceedings of Coastal Engineering, JSCE   49(.86)    2002

Conference Activities & Talks

Numerical Simulation of Open-Channel Turbulence including the Effects of Thermal Stratification and Wind Stress
Yuji Sugihara, Tetsuya Kajiwara, Sung Jin Kim, Takuya Nakagawa, Osama Eljamal
GIS Analysis of Spatial Pattern of Urban Heat Island in Fukuoka Metropolitan Area, Japan
Yukun Wang, Yuji Sugihara, Guoyun Zhou
Numerical Investigation on the Effects of Thermal Stratification and Surface Shear Stress on Open-Channel Flows
Sung Jin Kim, Yuji Sugihara, Tetsuya Kajiwara, Osama Eljamal, Soichi Yamaguchi
Modeling of land-use changes and their environmental impacts in Kitakyushu-Fukuoka metropolitan area
Yukun Wang, Yuji Sugihara, Guoyun Zhou
The 19th Cross-Straits Symposium on Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (CSS-EEST19)   2017   
Temporal-spatial variation characteristics of urban heat island in Fukuoka metropolitan area, Japan
Akiko Nishimura, Yuji Sugihara
The 19th Cross-Straits Symposium on Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (CSS-EEST19)   2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Gas Transfer at the Air - Sea Interface
Study on Turbulence Closure Modeling and Its Applications
Study on Turbulence Structures in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer