MORII Yasuhiro

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MORII Yasuhiro
Nagasaki University
Faculty of Fisheries, Training Ship Kakuyo-Maru
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University

Published Papers

Deep Sea Bottom Methane Hydrate Investigation s Aboard Fisheries
Hajime CHIBA , Toshiro H ATA , Yasuhiro M ORII 、 Nobuhiro Y AMAWAKI
139 70-79   Dec 2018   [Refereed]


Development of Underwater Vehicle for Virtual Mooring
Masahiko Nakamura,Takashi Hyodo,Wataru Koterayama,Masaru Inada,Kenji Marubayashi,Hiroshi Yoshimura and Yasuhiro Morii
(133) 99-115   2007
Flotsam lchthyofauna in the tropical Waters of the West Pacific Ocean
/第79,9-20    1998
Temporal and spatial variations of the oceanic condition around the shelf edge of the East China Sea&0d0a;
Reprinted from Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University   /84,    2003
Preliminary Report on Banks around Yap, the Federated States of Micronesia
Yusho Akishige,Hideaki Nisida,Hiroshi Yoshimura,Yasuhiro Morii,Shigeo Abe and Tetsushi Senta
Reprinted from Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University   別冊(63) 11-25   1987
Tuna Fishing Ground and Oceanographic Condition of Atolls around Pohnpei, The Federated States of Micranesia
Yusho Akishige,Hiroshi Yoshimura,Hideaki Nisida,Toshiyuki Kuno,Yasuhiro Morii and Juichi Katoh
Reprinted from Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University   別冊(69) 35-41   1991

Conference Activities & Talks

The structure of flow field at Yokogan-sone seamount
Regularly spaced submarine rhyolitic-carderas on the Tokara volcanic ridge, northern Ryukyu arc, Japan
Quaternary submarine huge calderas on the Tokara volcanic ridge, northern Ryukyu arc:evidenced from the submarine explorations
Evidence of recent hydrothermal activity in the Amami caldera: discovery of Fe Mn oxide crusts enriched in As and Mo
Volcanic chain of the western Okinawa Trough margin: Discovery of a Quatrnary shoshonitic rock

Research Grants & Projects

Influences of the natural increase of the dead weight constant of the vessel originate in the secular change
Distribution of the useful fishes in the East China Sea