YAMADA Masahiko

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YAMADA Masahiko
Former Institution / Organization Kumamoto University Research Center for Higher Education
Job title
Doctor of Literature(Kyushu University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyushu University
Faculty of Literature, Kyushu University

Committee Memberships

The Kyushu Society of Western History  councilor
The Society of the Market History  Chief secretary


The development of Town and the regional Exchange : A Case of Troyes, capital of the county of Champagne
The Studies in Western History   22,17-36    1984
The Problems concerning the Origins of the Early Fairs of Champagne
136    1985
Fairs and the Origins of Medieval Cities in A. Lombard-Jourdan's Works
2    1986
The Historical Studies on the Relationship between Town and Countryside in the Medieval Northorn-France. Academic Results in France after 1960
95(1)    1986
For Rewriting the Early History of the Fairs of Flanders. Historiography and a Case Study of Ghent Fair
6    1989

Books etc

The Commerce-geographical Structure of the Town of Sens based on the Toll-Tariff at the Beginning of the XIIIth Contury. Town and Cantryside near the Fairs of Champagne
Le mouvement des foires en Flandre avant 1200
Editions du Perron(Li(]J1118[)ge, Belgium)   1991   
Medieval History of Europe,(]G0002[)
Towns and markets in Historical Europe
Commerce of fish in the county of Flanders at the high middle ages


organization of a colloquim"Past, present and future of the rural market history"
1999 - 2000
Edeitorial supervision of "Bruges, Historical Town" in TBS-TV series "The World Heritage"
Editorial coordinator of the Review "Journal of Market History" vol.14-19
1994 - 1999
Basic Research for the methodical comprehension of the agrarian product figures during the middle ages and early modern times in Japan
1997 - 1998
Administrative structures and functions of the states during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern times
2003 - 2005

Research Grants & Projects

The institution of Toll/Peage and social accord in Europe.
Town and Countrysides in medieval Europe
Structures and functions of the states of Medieval Europe
Reform of the Liberal Arts Educations in the contemporary University
Project Year: 2003 - 2005


1985-1986 Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciense, Fellow 1986 Fukuoka Women's College, Temporary lecturer 1988-1989 Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciense, Superior Fellow 1988-1989 Kyushu Teikyo College, Temporary Lecturer 1989-1992 Kumamoto University, Lecturer 1990-1991 Fukuoka University, Temporary Lecturer 1992-2000 kumamoto University, Associate-Professor 1993-1996 Kumamoto College, Temporary Lecturer 1994 Kagoshima Unoiversity, Temporary Lecturer 1996-1997 Kumamoto Prefectural University, Temporary Lecturer 1997-1998 Kyushu University, Temporary Lecturer 2000 Osaka University, Temporary Lecturer