SATO Shusuke

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SATO Shusuke
Former Institution / Organization National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
Dr. of Agricultural Science

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Tohoku University
Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University


Takeda, K., Sato, S., Sugawara, K., Familiarity and group size affect emotional stress in Japanese Black heifers.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science   82, 1-11    2003
Deguchi, Y., Sato, S. and Sugawara, K. Food plant selection by the wildJapanese serow with reference to the traces-eaten.
Animal Science Journal   73(1): 67-72.    2002
Sato, S., Development from farm animal behaviour Science to applied ethology-Environmental enrichment, individual difference, and pest control.
Asian-Australasian Juornal of Animal Science   14(Special Issue):212-217.    2001
Deguchi,Y. Sato,S. and K.Sugawara, Relationship between chemical components of herbage, dietary preference and fresh-herbage intake rate by the Japanese serow.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science   73(1):69-79.    2001
K.Takeda, S.Sato, K.Sugawara, Changes of affiliative relationships in Japanese Black calves after grouping in the same pen.
Animal Science Journal   72(2):164-168.    2001

Research Grants & Projects

The behaviour of free-ranging cattle
Adaptive value of individual behavioural tactics in cattle
The behaviour of the Japanese serrow living in cultivated land