IKEDA Takeshi

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IKEDA Takeshi
Aichi Gakuin University
Division of General Education
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Philosophy(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Excretion of flagellin by a short-flagella mutant of ┣DBSalmonella(/)-┫DB ┣DBtyphimurium(/)-┫DB
Journal of Bacteriology   153(1)    1983
In vitro polymerization of flagellin excreted by a short-flagellum ┣DBSalmonella(/)-┫DB ┣DBtyphimurium(/)-┫DB mutant
Journal of Bacteriology   159(2)    1984
Journal of Molecular Biology   184    1985
Localization and stoichiometry of hook-associated proteins within ┣DBSalmonella(/)-┫DB ┣DBtyphimurium(/)-┫DB flagella
Journal of Bacteriology   169(3)    1987

Books etc

Dynamic features of biomolecular assemblies visualized by dark field microscopy
Japan Sci. Soc. Press, Tokyo/Springer Verlag, Berlin X-Ray Microscopy in Biology and Medicine   1990   

Research Grants & Projects

Virulence factor with both of hemaggltinating and proteolytic activities of periodontopathogenic ┣DBPorphyromonas(/)-┫DB ┣DBgingivalis(/)-┫DB.
Isolation and characterization of non-black pigmented ┣DBPorphyromonas(/)-┫DB ┣DBendodontalis(/)-┫DB variants.
Antibiotic resistance of anaerobic bacteria
Project Year: 1999