NAKATA Tomoichi

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NAKATA Tomoichi
Master of Engineering(Keio University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Others, Chukyo University School of International Liberal Studies, Department of International Liberal Studies


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Keio University
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University


On the rate of convergence in mean central limit theorem for martingale differences
Rep, Stat. Appl. Res. JUSE   23(4)    1976
A non-uniform bound on convergence to normality for independent random variables
Bull, Fac, LIb. Arts. Chukyo Univ.   18(1)    1977
Convergence rates in the central limit theorem for the sums of a random number of independent and identically distributed random variables
Bull, Fac, Lib, Arts. Chukyo Univ.   18(2)    1977
On the rate of convergence in the random-sum central limit theorem
Bull, Fac, Lib, Arts. Chukyo Univ.   18(3)    1977
A remark to a paper of Heyde
Rep. Sat. Appl. Res. JUSE   26(1)    1979

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the rate of convergence in the Central Limit Theorem.
Study on the property in the Multiveriate Analysis
Kompeitoh or traditional confetti which appeared in the Japanese literature