HARADA Morihiro

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HARADA Morihiro
Meijo University
Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Civil Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Engineering,(Nagoya University), Master of Engineering(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Hydrologic Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Nagoya University
Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Meijo University


原田 守博
J. of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE   7(1) 76-89   2002
Bahavior of Seepage Flow in Sand Bar and its Role for Stream Environment
原田 守博
Report of Faculty of Sci. and Tech., Meijo University   (42) 70-76   2002
Flow and Water Quality of Subsurface Water in Sandbar of the Kizu River
原田 守博
Advances in River Engineering   8 61-66   2002
On the Spatial and Temporal Behavior of Storm Rainwater in the Shonai River Basin
原田 守博
Advances in River Engineering   7 25-30   2001
Effects of Interaction between Stream and Aquifer on Stream Condition
原田 守博
Reports of Fac. of Sci. and Tech., Meijo University   (41) 57-62   2001

Books etc

Hydraulic Analysis on Stream-Aquifer Interaction by Storage Function Models
Groundwater Update, IAHR, Springer   2000   
Effect of Horizontal Anisotropy on Head, Flow and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Regions
Proc. of 27th Congress IAHR(Theme C)   1997   
An Inverse Analysis of Model Parameters for Hetero-geneous Aquifer based on Genetic Algorithm
Proc. 7th Stochastic Hydr. IAHR   1996   
An Inverse Analysis of Aquifer Parameters based on Spatial Variability of Unsteady Head-Field
Proc. of 9th Congress APD-IAHR   1994   
A Consideratin to the River-Bed Flow in Downstream of Dam for Evaluation of the Environmental Preservation Discharge
Environmental Systems Research   1993   


Study on Seepage Flow in Coastal Region

Research Grants & Projects

Physical Process of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Aquifer
Project Year: 1985   
Transition of Hydrologic Cycle due to Artificial Activity in Watershed Basin
Project Year: 1992   
Evaluation of Interaction between Stream and Aquifer
Project Year: 1996