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Doshisha University
Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences Department of Biomedical Information
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Doshisha University), Master of Engineering(Doshisha University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Doshisha University
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Doshisha University
Faculty of Engineering, Doshisha University


Area density of streptavidin can be evaluated by the number density of biotinylated microbubbles
Yasuhiro Yokoi・Kenji Yoshida (Chiba Univ.)・Yuta Otsuki・Yoshiaki Watanabe
Applied Physics Letters   Vol.110(No.7) pp.073702-1-5   2017
Investigating the type and strength of emotion with music: An fMRI study
Yoshiaki Watanabe, Teruhisa Okuya・Toshihiko Date (Panasinic Corporation)・Miwa Fukino (Panasinic Corporation)・Mikio Iwakawa (Panasinic Corporation)・Kohji Sasabe (Panasinic Corporation)・Kumi Nagao・Yuki Moriizumi・Iwaki Akiyama and Yoshiaki Watanabe
Acoustical Science and Technology   Vol.38,No.3 120-127   2017
Quantitative evaluation of hemolysis on bovine red blood cells caused by acoustic cavitation under pulsed ultrasound
Y.Watanabe, K.Tani・M.Imura・D.Koyama・Y.Watanabe
Acoustical Science and Technology   Vol.38,No.3 161-164   2017
Step-type thermoacoustic system saturated with water vapor: Study for stabilization of low-temperature driving
Yoshiaki Watanabe, Sho Kawaminami・Shin-ichi Sakamoto (Univ. of Shiga Pref.)・Seiya Fukuda・Yoshiaki Watanabe
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   Vol.56,No.7S1 pp.07JE12-1-4   2017
Automatic non-destructive three-dimensional acoustic coring system for in situ detection of aquatic plant root under the water bottom
5 43473   2016

Books etc

Measurements of nonlinearity parameter of B/A using the nonlinear interaction of crossing two sound waves in acoustic tube
WATANABE Yoshiaki (Part:Joint Work, 148-152)
"Nonlinear acoustics in perspective 1996"R. J. Wei ed, Nanjing University Press   1996   
On the possibility of shock formation in bubbly medium
WATANABE Yoshiaki (Part:Joint Work, 202-207)
"Advances in nonlinear acoustics" World scientific   1993   
Experimental results of the spatial destribution of nonlinearity parameter B/A using nonlinear interaction two sound waves
WATANABE Yoshiaki (Part:Joint Work, 364-369)
"Advances in nonlinear acoustics", World Scientific   1993   
On the effective nonlinearity parameter of sound waves ; in M. F. Hawilton etal ed. "Frontiers of nonlinear acoustics,12th ISNA"
WATANABE Yoshiaki (Part:Joint Work, 408-413)
Elsevier Science Publishers   1990   

Conference Activities & Talks

Fabrication of oriented hydroxyapatite film by RF magnetron sputtering
IBDW/ESUCB   2017   
Ultrasonically induced electrical potentials in bovine cortical bone
IBDW/ESUCB   2017   
Experimental Investigation on Chemical Kinetics between Biotinylated Microbubbles and Streptavidin
2017IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium   2017   
Film Growth of C-Axis Tilted ScAlN on the Sapphire Substrate for SAW Devices
2017IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium   2017   
Noncontact Manipulation and Evaluation of Hela Cells Using Ultrasound Vibration
2017IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium   2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Engineering application of nonlinear acoustics
Chaotic behavior of nonlinear vibration of microscopic bubble in water
Hearing Mechanism of man