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Doshisha University
Faculty of Global and Regional Studies Department of Global and Regional Studies
Job title
Ph.D.(Brown University), A.M.(Brown University), Master of International Relations(Hiroshima University)

Research Areas



Graduate School of History, Brown University
Graduate School, Division of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
Graduate School of History, Brown University
-, Hiroshima University
Faculty of General Science, Hiroshima University

Committee Memberships

The Japanese Association for American Studies  The board member
The Japanese Association for American History  

Published Papers

Abolitionism and the Print Culture in Jacksonian America: The Divergent Public Spheres Shaped by Debates over the Free Press and the Right to Petition
American History   (41) 4-20   Aug 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
"Medicine at the Time of the American Revolution"
肥後本 芳男
Nanzan Review of American Studies   19(1) 41-58   1997
"A Failed Enterprise : The Blackstone Caral and Socio-Economic Changes in Early 19th-Century New England"
肥後本 芳男
Nanzan Review of American Studies   (13) 38-60   1992


The Democratization of American Medicine: Benjamin Waterhouse and Medical Men in Massachusetts
UMI Dissertation Services      May 1997
"Peter Van Schaack and the American Republic : An Aspect of Loyalism in the American Revolution"
The American Review   25    1991
"Developments in the Historiography of Loyalists in the American Revolution and Some Problems"
American History Review   10    1991
"The Introducer of Jenner's New Vaccination into America"
Rhode Island Medical Journal    74(7)    1991
"Jane Addams and Hull House : Immigrants, Women, and Peace in the Progressive Era"
Doshisha Studies in English   (57-58) 138-158   1992
"The French Revolution and Federalists in the Early American Republic"
The American Review   (27) 73-93   1993
"The Founding Fathers and Republicanism : The Reinterpretation of Jefferson and Hamilton"
The American History Review   (11) 32-42   1993
"The Nation, Language, and Nationalism : Noah Webster in the Early American Republic"
Doshisha American Studies   (30) 15-30   1994
"Further Information Concerning Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse's Appointment as Harvard's First Professor of Medicine"
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Science   49(3) 419-428   1994
"Thomas Paine and the Early American Republic : Commerce, Independence and Republicanism"
Doshisha Studies in English   (65) 231-253   1995
"Benjamin Rush's Heroic Therapy and the Scottish Enlightenment"
Doshisha Studies in English   (70) 183-211   1998
"Republicanism Revisited : Political Culture in the Early American Republic"
The Journal of Americas Studies   (5) 1-22   2000
"The American Revolution and 'Daughters of Liberty'"
68 257-285   2002
Print Culture and the Public Sphere in the Early American Republic
The Chu-Shikoku American Studies   (5) 17-33   2011
Anti-abolition Riots and the "Communication Revolution" in Jacksonian America
American History   (36) 24-42   2013

Books etc

11 American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America
HIGOMOTO Yoshio (Part:Joint Translation)
Oct 2017   
The Story of American Freedom
2008   ISBN:9784000220446
Small Museums in North America, part 2
2009   ISBN:9784779113970C0020
Patriotism and Identities in American History: Race, Gender, and the National Memory
Sairyusha   2009   ISBN:9784779114724
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin
2010   ISBN:9784766417722
The Shaping of the United States and Its Political Culture
2010   ISBN:978-4-8122-1036-9
The Political Culture of Modern America and the World
2010   ISBN:978-4-8122-1037-6

Research Grants & Projects

The study of the American Revolution and Cultural Transformations in the Early Republic