NAKATA Yoshifumi

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NAKATA Yoshifumi
Doshisha University
Faculty of Policy Studies Department of Policy Studies
Job title
Ph.D.(University of California), Master of Economics(Osaka University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Economics, Osaka University
1986 Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Osaka University
Faculty of Economics, Osaka University

Committee Memberships

The Japan Society for Business Succession  Chairman of Board of Trustees

Awards & Honors

Noteworthy Books in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics

Published Papers

A Survival analysis of patent examination requests by Japanese electric and electronic manufacturers
Yoshifumi Nakata, ◎Xingyan Zhang
Economics of Innovation and New Technology   21(1) 31-54   2012
“Paying nurses: a cross country comparison,”
Buchan James, Nakata Yoshifumi
Journal of Clinical Nursing   20(1+2) 43468   2011   [Invited]
The labor market for Japanese Scientists and Engineers: Is the labor market externalized?
Yoshifumi Nakata and Satoru Miyazaki, Satoru Miyazaki
The Japan Labor Review   8(3) 95-117   2011
Nurses' pay in Japan: market forces vs. institutional constraints
Yoshifumi Nakata
Journal of Clinical Nursing   20(1+2) 43566   2011
Nursing workforce: global challenges and solutions
中田 喜文, Fumi Yasukawa and James Buchan.
Journal of Clinical Nursing   17(12) 3261   2008
Non-working nurses in Japan: Estimated size and its age-cohort characteristics
中田 喜文, Satoru Miyazaki
Journal of Clinical Nursing   17(12) 3306-3316   2008
Has Work Motivation Among Japanese Workers Declined?
Asian Business & Management   6(S1) 57-88   2007   [Refereed][Invited]
Has Lifetime Employment Become Extinct in Japanese Enterprise? : An Empirical Analysis of Employment Adjustment Practices in Japanese Companies
Yoshifumi Nakata
Asian Business & Management   6(S1) 33-56   2007
Has Japanese Enterprise Changed?
Yoshifumi Nakata
Asian Business & Management   6(S1) 43593   2007
Employment and Wages of Japanese Female Workers: Past, Present and Future
中田 喜文, Ryoji Takehiro
Industrial Relations   41(4) 521-547   2002
Joint Accounting System and Human Resource Management by Company Group
中田 喜文
Japan Labour Bulletin   40(10) 43596   2001
The Transformation of the Japanese Employment System : Nature, Depth and Origins
中田 喜文
Work and Occupation   24(1) 33-55   1997
Enterprise Bargaining and Social Contract in Japan
中田 喜文
Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting, Industrial Relations Research Association Series   (1994) 339-348   1994
"Education and Occupation : An Enquiry into The Relationship between CollegeSpecialization and The Labor Market in Postwar Japan, "
中田 喜文
Pacific Affairs   65(1) 50-67   1992
"Paid Employment among U. S. College Students : Trends, Effects, and Possible Causes, "
中田 喜文
The Journal of Higher Education   62(1) 25-43   1991
"Characteristics of High School Students' Paid Jobs and Employment Experience After Graduation, "
中田 喜文
Lawrence Erlboum Associates, Inc.Adolescence and Work      1989
"Labor Market Experience of Teenagers with and Without High School Diplomas, "
中田 喜文
Economics of Education Review   8(3) 233-246   1989
An Analysis of Age-Seniority Wage Profiles : A Case Study of the Japanese Nenko Wage System
中田 喜文
University Microfiche Inc.      1987
"The Demand for College Education in Postwar Japan, "
中田 喜文
Journal of Human Resources   22(3) 377-404   1987
"The Age-Wage Profile and Structural Change in the Japanese Labor Market for Males, 1964-1982, "
中田 喜文
Journal of Human Resources   20(1) 100-116   1985


The Japanese Software Industry: What Went Wrong And What Can We Learn From It?
Nakata, Yoshifumi, ◎ Cole, Robert
California Management Review   57(1) 16-43   2014
The Japanese Software Industry: What Went Wrong And What Can We Learn From It?
Nakata,Yoshifumi, ◎ Cole, Robert
California Management Review   57(1) 16-43   2014
Why Do Japanese Companies File Patents in China? :Revisited
Nakata, Yoshifumi, ◎ Xingyan Zhang
Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China   4(2) 119-135   2013
Have Japanese Engineers Changed?
The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies   53(1) 30-41   2011
Japanese Engineers' Pay in comparison to that of American Counterparts
Denki Rengo NAVI   (25) 16-24   2009
Performance and Job Satisfaction of Engineers
(83) 22-28   2009
Estimates of Non-Working Nurses and Characteristics of Their Cohort/age Distribution
(2343) 29-37   2008
Recent Decline of Engineers' Motivation and the Role of Labor Union to Counter this trend
Denki Rengo NAVI   (13) 43504   2007
Human Resource Development through Indutry-Government-Academia Collaboration :The Role of Academia
Journal of International Industrial Relations   (24) 69-71   2005
NPO and Employment in Japan
Japanese Journal of Research on Household Economics   (61) 38-49   2004
Synthetic Research on Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness
Journal of International Industrial Relations   (23) 55-56   2004
The State of Male-Female Wage differentials
Japanese Journal of Research on Household Economics   (54) 26-33   2002
What will Employment Structural Change Bring?
Kansai Keikyo   52(2) 43563   2002
The State of NPO Labor Market in Japan
Doshisha Graduate School of Policy and Management Review   3(1) 15-34   2002
Not entered
The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies   (501) 81-84   2002
Japanese Wage System in 21st Century
Chiginkyo Geppou   (494) 17-24   2001
Joint Accounting System and Human Resource Management by Company Group
The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies   (483) 18-33   2000
Is Long term Stable Employment Myth?
Chingin Jijyo   (2372) 62-66   2000
Inter-Firm Wage Differentials in Japan
The Mnothly Journal of The Japan Institute of Labour   (450(10)) 13-26   1997
What's Wage?
(2304) 43633   1997
Chapter6 : An Analysis of Wage and Productivity of Japanese White Colar Workers
91-104   1995
Income Distribution in Japan-An Expedition of New Income Distribution Rule in a Matured Society
KIIIR(国際産研)   (8-9) 43758   1994
Chapter4, Canada
135-186   1994
Book Review the Influence of the Enterprise Union at the Shopfloor Level
The Monthly Journal of The Japan Institute of Labour   36(10) 49-51   1994
Equal Emploment Opportunity Between Male and Female Workers and Gender Wage Differentials
26 112-117   1994
A Comparative Analysis of Employment Stability : The United States and Japan
Social Science Review   (40) 35-81   1990
A Comparison of Labour Frorce Characteristics : U. S. vs. JAPAN
(99) 34-40   1989
"Measuring Job Attachment : A Comparative Approach, "
Annual Report of Japan Society for Personnel and Labor Research   (18) 46-52   1988

Books etc

Why Do Japanese Companies File Patents in China?
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 191-217)
Palgrave Macmillan   2011   
Have Japanese Engineers Changed?
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 88-108)
Palgrave Macmillan   2011   
Have Japanese Firms Changed? :The Lost Decade
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 1-315)
Palgrave Macmillan   2011   
People who create technology of tomorrow
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Management that creates high performing engineers
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 125-144)
Japanese Engineers :performance and compensation
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 21-42)
Creating High Performing Engineers
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 1-176)
Increasing Labor Flexibility in Japan: The Role of Female Workers in Manufacturing
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 191-210)
Cambridge University Press   2009   
Techonology management training in Japan: Governmanet initiatives and their effects
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 271-285)
Oxford University Press,Recovering from Success   2006   
Strategic Motivation Management of R&D Engineers
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Total Labor Costs and the Employment Adjustment Behavior of Large Japanese Firms
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 135-155)
University of Chicago Press, Labor Market and Firm Benefit Policies in Japan and the United States   2003   
Reduction of Regular Employment and Increase of Non-Regular Employment
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 81-102)
Mechanism of Restructuring and Job Changes
NAKATA Yoshifumi (Part:Joint Work, 1-294)
Employment adjustment of Japanese firms: Effects of fluctuated labor cost and sales
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Japan Economic News Paper (Nikkei)   2001   
Trends and Developments in Japanese Employment Relations in the 1980s & 1990s
NAKATA Yoshifumi
『Employment Relations: Individualisation and union exclusion』,Federation Press,   1999   
Date Analysis for Policy and Management
NAKATA Yoshifumi
"Canada : Canadian Wage Differentials with Special Atlention to its Occupational Age-Wage Profle
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Wage Differentials : An International Comparison Macmillan Press   1998   
"Factor Analysis of Japanese Gender Wage Differentials"
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Work and Pay in the United States and Japan
NAKATA Yoshifumi, ◎Clair Brown (Part:Joint Work, 1-234)
Oxford University Press   1997   
"Occupation and Wage Determination, " in Toshiaki Tachibanaki eds, Evaluation, Promotion, and Wage Determination
NAKATA Yoshifumi

Conference Activities & Talks

Business Succesion of Kyoto Firms
NAKATA Yoshifumi
Supporting Network for Business Creation and Succession of Kyoto Firms   2014   
Business Succesion of Kyoto Firms
NAKATA Yoshifumi
The Forth Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Business Succession   2013   

Research Grants & Projects

Career development of engineers
Project Year: 2007   
Business Succession
Project Year: 2007   
Characteristics of Japanese firms' employment adjustment: A Comparative Analysis
Analysis of Gender Wage differentials
A Comparative Analysis of Wage Determination with special attention on where it is negotiated.

Social Contribution

Policy Council on SME
[]  2011 - 2012
The Japan Society for Business Succession
[]  2009