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Hanazono University
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Graduate School, Division of Law, Aichi Gakuin University
Faculty of Laws, Aichi Gakuin University

Published Papers

Abuse of Older Persons and the Problem of Legal Action
Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University ed. “Evidence-Based Governance, 2008: Diversity, Progress & Continuity,”   645-666   Nov 2008   [Refereed]


The Swedish Social Security System for Child Care
The Waseda Law Review   64(4)    1989
The Nursing Care Leave System in Japan and Sweden
The Review of Legal and Political Sciences   26    1990
Realization of Child Care Leave and Equality between Men and Women
Quarterly Lalor Law   (155)    1990
Women's Labor and Social Security for Child Care in Germany
Overseas Social Security News   96    1991
The Welfare for the Aged and the Nursing Care Leave Act in Sweden
Social Welfare and Humen Sciences   (2)    1991
Für wessen Wohlfahrt ist das Erziehungsurlaubsgesetz?
Zeitschrift für den Lastenausgleich   36(4)    1988
The Child Care Leave Law
NWEC Newsltter   8(2)    1991
The Swedish Sick Pay Act
Social Welfare and Human Sciences   (3)    1992
The Equal Opportunities Act in Sweden
International Women'92      1992
Women and Human Rights
The Institute of Human Rights Studies Hanazono University   (1)    1993
Structural Change of Japanese Family and Child Care
Journal of Social Security   (8)    1993
Sick Leave and Leave Law
Quarterly Labor Law   (167)    1993
Parental Co-operative Day Nursery in Sweden
Women at Work   (18) 144-150   1993
Single-Parent, Female-Headed Families in Western Europe : Social Change and Response(1) abridged translation
The Annual Report of the Social Welfare Department at Hanazono University   (1) 15-21   1993
Abortion ; Women's Rights and the Rights of Children
Journal for the Study of Human Rights   (2) 173-191   1994
Woman・Labour・Family-in Sweden and Japan
Life and Culture Study   5 196-233   1994
The Swedish Child Care Allowance
Weekly Social Security   (1812) 56-59   1994
Single-Parent, Female-Headed Families in Western Europe : Social Change and Response(2) abridged translation
The annual Report of the Social Welfare Department at Hanazono University   (2) 83-86   1994
Family Daycare in Germany-Tagesmutter System
Social Welfare and Human Sciences   (5) 5-25   1994
Working Women in Society and Welfare Services
Studies of Community Welfare   (23) 11-19   1995
Single-Parent, Female-Headed Families in Western Europe : Social Change and Response(3) abridged translation
The annual Report of the Social Welfare Department at Hanazono University   (3) 55-59   1995
On Social Welfare Program and Care
Shuchiin University   (2) 37-52   1995
Security of Nursing Care in Sweden
Overseas Social Security News   (113) 45-56   1995
Discussion on the Public Nursing Care Insurance
Women and Labour 21   4(16) 16-26   1996
Child Care and Nursing Care in a Casual Manner
Labor Review   49(9)    1996
New Parental Leave Act in Sweden-Papa proposing to the Pregnant Father Leave
Women and Young Workers   (119)    1997
Suggestions from New Men-The Nordic Men's Conference'95
The Annual Report of the Social Welfare Department at Hanazono University   (5) 37-50   1997
Problems on Child-Care Law--'Workers with Family Responsibilities'and Equality between Men and Women
Journal of Social Security   (12) 37-64   1997
Problems in connection with Child Support Allowance System
Weekly Social Security   (1995) 26-29   1998
Family Daycare in Germany
Modern Esprit      2000
Official Responsibility in Unlicensed Day Nursery
Jurist(separate volume)   153 216-217   2000
The lssues Surrouding the Conditions of Child Abuse in Japan
Agia Jyoseihogaku   (5) 99-118   2002
Socialization for Child Care and Nursing Care and Gender
Law Review   2002 
74/9, 52-57
Reconsideration of “For Children”
Study of Human Rights Education   3 12-15   2003
Child Care and Nursing Care Leave in Sweden
Women at Work   26 170-182   2004
Problem of Child Care Support System
Study of Family Relationship   (23) 7-10   2004

Books etc

Human Rights in the 21st Century / Development of Social Integration Education
Gakujyutsutosho-Shuppan   2004   
Nursing Care/ Medical Care/ Social Welfare Dictionary
Horitsubunkasha   2004   
New Introduction to Constitution
Horitsubunkasha   2004   
Introduction of Political System
Seiko-Puripuran   2004   
Construction of Feminism International Jurisprudence
University of Chuo Press   2004   
Introduction to Constitution
Horitsubunkasha   2003   
Family of the Future
Sangagu-Shuppan   2002   
Elder Welfare of the Future
Mineruba   2002   
Synthetic Policy in Post Welfare State
Mineruba   2001   
New Introduction to Law
Horitsubunkasha   2001   
Care Evaluation and Social Security for Family Caretaker
Weekly Social Security   2001   
Series on Social Security Law Vol.4 Medical Services Law1 Long-Term Care Services Law
Horitsubunkasha   2001   
Working Women in Each Country's Enterprise
Mineruba   2000   
Nursing Care Leave
Iwanami-Shoten   1999   
Simplified Law for Laymen
Horitsubunkasha   1999   
Introduction to Law
Horitsubunkasha   1999   
Social Security of the Advanced Countries No. 5 Social Security in Sweden
University of Tokyo Press   1999   
Social Security Law
Nihonhyouronsha   1998   
Form of Family
Hosei-Shuppan   1998   
Law and Measures for Participation of Fathers in Child Care in Sweden
Researches for Participation of Fathers in Child Care in Foregin Countries   1998   
Family Law toward the New Century
Nihonkajo-Shuppan   1998   
Child Care Leave Legislation in Sweden
Child Care Leave Legislation in Foregin Countries   1997   
The Equal Opportunities between Men and Women Act in the 21st Century
Yuhikaku   1996   
Our Lives and Social Welfare
Mineruba   1996   
Nursing Care Insurance? Family Insurance!
Hosei-Shuppan   1996   
KVINNOR-OCH-BARN SAMT MÄN: Om familjen och föräldraledigheten
kyoto-housei shuppan   1996   
Sweden : The Equal Opportunities Act in 1991
The Affirmative Action in the World   1995   
Nursing Care Leave Legislation in Sweden
Nursing Care Leave Legislation in Foregin Countries   1995   
Women and Social Security
University of Tokyo Press   1993   
Child Welfare of the Future
Mineruba   1993   
The Lexicon of Modern Welfarics
Yuzankaku   1993   
New -Even Now Women in the World
Gakuyo-Shobo   1993   
Commentary of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Shogakusha   1992   
In Pursuit of New Nursery System
Nihonhyouronsha   1992   
Welfare Problem and Development in Borderless Age.
Ichiryusha   1992   
Family, Labor, and Welfare
Nagatabunshodo   1991   
Circumstances of Men and Women(Vol. 1,2)
Hosei-Shuppan   1991   

Conference Activities & Talks

handle0175609   28 Nov 2015   
handle0175609   8 Nov 2014   
handle0175609   27 Sep 2014   
Social Security Law and Gender
handle0175609   18 May 2013   
Abuse of Older Persons and the Problem of Legal Action [Invited]
BK21 3rd GSPA International Conference in Seoul National Univesity   Nov 2003   
Leave for Pregnant man in Sweden [Invited]
27th Swedish Business School in Japan   Jun 2002   
Market Intervention in the Care [Invited]
handle0175609   30 Aug 2000   

Association Memberships



Elder Abuse in Germany
Family Violence
Women's Human Rights in Sweden
Family Caretaker in Sweden
Researches of “Act Prohibiting the Purchase of Sexual Services"in Sweden
Researches of“Läroplan"in Sweden
Researches of the Swedish Family Welfare Policy
Researches of the Swedish Child-Rearing Assistance Act
Reaearches of the Swedish Personal Assistance Compensation Act
Sociological Survey of the Equal Opportunities Act in EU
Researches of the Swedish Children Ombudsman Act
Researches of the Support System for Child Care
Family Day Nursery
The Equal Opportunities Ombudsman in Sweden
Researches of the System for Child Care
Researches of the Swedish Equal Opportunities Act
Sociological Survey of Social Welfare Institutes and Welfare Services in Sweden, Germany, and England
Sociological Survey of Welfare for Single Parent Family in the Federal Republic of Germany

Research Grants & Projects

Social Security System for Child Care
Family Welfare Policy
Social Security System for Nursing Care
Project Year: 1988   
Family Violence
Project Year: 2003