SATO Makoto

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SATO Makoto
Other affiliation
Ritsumeikan University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Ritsumeikan University College of International Relations, Department of International Relations


"Graduate School, Division of Politics", University of Leeds

Awards & Honors


Published Papers

Peace Images of Japanese people: viewed in light of the debates between the "Pluralists" and the "Solidalists" in the English School of International Relations
Makoto Sato
The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies   25(3) 231-249   Mar 2013
Book Review: Africa and the World eds. by Kawabata and Ochiai.
Makoto Sato
Journal of African Studies   (81) 63-67   Dec 2012
African Studies and Human Security Revisited
『アフリカ研究』日本アフリカ学会   (71) 101-106   Dec 2007
"Japan's Diplomacy towards Africa: Lessons from Historical Experiences"
Makoto Sato
Perspectives on Growing Africa: from Japan and China   1-11   Sep 2007
Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalization
『いのちとくらし』非営利・協同総合研究所   (15) pp37-46   May 2006

Books etc

東信堂   Mar 2011   ISBN:9784798900513
Migrant Care Workers: Japan, Asia and Africa
Makoto Sato ed.
日本経済評論社   Dec 2010   ISBN:978-4-8188-2145-3
Diplomatic Investigations: Essays in the Theory of International Politics (Japanese translation)
Translated by Makoto Sato et al.
日本経済評論社   Nov 2010   ISBN:978-4-8188-2137-8
Japan and Africa: globalization and foreign aid in the 21st century (An historical analysis of Japan's aid policy in Africa)
Edited by Howard P. Lehman
Routledge   Jun 2010   ISBN:978-0-415-56217-1
明石書店   Apr 2010   ISBN:978-4-7503-3183-6

Conference Activities & Talks

日韓国際セミナー「社会的再生産と移民労働―東アジアの現場から」   21 Jun 2009   
Nursing and Care Migrant Workers in the Context of Human Security in Japan
Workshop on Human Security and Migration:Southern Africa and Japan in Comparative Perspective   1 Sep 2008   
Human Security and Japanese Perception
Globalization, Difference, and Human Security, organized by a Global COE Program: A Reseach Base for Conflict Studies in the Humanities, Osaka University   4 Mar 2008   
Japanese Perceptions of Security and their Dilemma: Human Security and National Security
立命館大学国際関係学部創立20周年記念シンポジウム「グローバル化の行方と民主制の展望」   Mar 2007   
Human Security and Japanese Diplomacy: Debates on the Role of Human Security in Japanese Policy
Seminar for Joint Research Project between University of Pretoria and Ritsumeikan University, at University of Pretoria, on 10th March 2006   Mar 2006   

Teaching Experience