FOX Charles

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FOX Charles
Doctor of Philosophy(University of Michigan)
Other affiliation
Ritsumeikan University

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Ritsumeikan University College of Letters, Communication Program


Jun 1973
English and American Literature, Faculty of Literature, [USA] Williams College
University of Michigan

Published Papers

One Experience of Bilingual Child-Rearing in the Contemporary World
Charles Fox
JALT Bilingualism SIG Monograph 15. May 2009. "All Grown Up: The Bilingual Adult", edited by Stacey Tarvin-Isomura, Mary Goebel Noguchi and Amanda Gillis-Furutaka.   (15)    May 2009
イメージ、歌、歌集——『桐の花』を組み立てる (上)
立命館文学   (592) 22-27   Feb 2006
Speaking in Images: Japan in Hollywood Films
「立命館法学」別冊 ことばとそのひろがり(3)——山本岩夫教授退職記念論集   265-96   Mar 2005
論究日本文学   (81)    Feb 2005
Tokens of the Future in the Past:The Modern Poetic Sequences of Kitahara Hakushu
University of Michigan      May 1998

Books etc

サフラン 随想選ーー沈黙と思索の世界へーー
嵯峨野書院   Oct 2002   
Isamu Sends His Regards (by Inoue Hisashi)
立命館文学   Feb 2002   
The Future in the Past: Kitahara Hakushu and the Modern Poetic Sequence
Charles Edward Fox
UMI Dissertation Services   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

ドキュメンタリー映画「The Navy Generation」試作品上映
The 2nd Roundtable on Ogasawara Studies   20 Nov 2010   
Culture at the Japanese Imperial Margins
The 6th International Conference on Islands and Small Island Cultures   24 Jun 2010   
公開シンポジウム 帝国の周辺——南洋への入り口としての小笠原諸島   7 Nov 2009   
国際シンポジウム 国際啄木学会創立20周年記念函館大会   6 Sep 2009   
Divergent Paths: Remarks on Contemporary Japanese Literature
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute   12 Aug 2009   

Teaching Experience



「国際シンポジウム 海外からみた関西」、関西の“今”と“昔”をさぐる——第1回MKCR国際シンポジウム
The Others   2005