INOUE Michiko

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INOUE Michiko
Osaka Ohtani University
Faculty of Education
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Associate Professor

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Research Handbook on Childhoodnature Assemblages of Childhood and Nature Research
INOUE Michiko (Part:Contributor, Fostering an Ecological Worldview in Children: Rethinking Children and Nature in Early Childhood Education from a Japanese Perspective.)
Springer   Jun 2018   
Young Children and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability
INOUE Michiko (Part:Contributor, 第13章)
Cambridge University Press   Nov 2014   
Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: International perspectives and provocations
INOUE Michiko (Part:Contributor, 第6章)
Routledge   Jun 2014   

Published Papers

An International Comparison of Early Childhood Educators’ Understandings and Practices in Education for Sustainability in Japan, Australia, and Korea.
Michiko Inoue, Lyndal O’Gorman, Julie Margaret Davis, & Okjong Ji
International Journal of Early Childhood   49(3) 1-21   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
INOUE Michiko, DAVIS Julie, O'GORMAN Lyndal
Australian Journal of Environmental Education   32(2) 174-191   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Bulletin of Osaka Ohtani University   44(0) 117-132   Feb 2010
INOUE Michiko
Environmental Education   20(1) 95-108   2009   [Refereed]
  This paper reviewed the researches on environmental education (EE) for kindergartens and nursery schools that have been conducted in the past 20 years. Throughout the history of EE, international guidelines have emphasized the incorporation of E...
Child, youth and environmental studies   4(2) 54-59   Aug 2008   [Refereed]
Bulletin of Osaka Ohtani University   42(0) 24-47   Feb 2008
INOUE Michiko
Environmental Education   14(2) 2-12   2007   [Refereed]
  Inoue & Tajiri (1999) proposed the following three goals for environmental education training courses for early childhood educators: (1) to enable the educators to understand environmental issues and realize the need for early childhood environm...
The significance of fostering the sense of wonder in the early childhood care and education
Child, youth and environmental studies   2(3) 38-45   2007   [Refereed]
Inoue Michiko
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   7(2) 61-66   Dec 2006
In 1998, a new subject known as "Integrated Studies" was introduced into the trainingcurriculum as one of the compulsory subjects for obtaining a license as a kindergartenteacher. The research area of environmental education welcomed this addition...
Azuma Mariko, Inoue Michiko
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   7(1) 27-35   Jun 2006
The concept of soundscape was proposed by Murray Schafer in 1977. In the domains ofenvironmental education and architectural design, this concept is recognized as a significanttool to evaluate the quality of the environment. From the viewpoint of ...
The Japanese journal for the education of young children   0(15) 1-11   2006
Inoue Michiko
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   6(2) 73-78   Dec 2005
Abstract : Inoue (2005) proposed the following aspects with regard to environmental educationin liberal arts classes at university level : (1) an in-depth knowledge of specific environmentalissues is more effective in achieving the educational goa...
Inoue Michiko
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   6(1) 1-10   Jun 2005
Abstract : Environmental education at university level is important because the developmental features ofuniversity students are suitable for critical learning and for creating an awareness of their roles in resolvingenvironmental issues. Therefor...
INOUE Michiko, MAEDA Hiromi
Environmental education   14(2) 80-91   Dec 2004   [Refereed]
Analysis of Theoretical Statements on the Environmental Education at the Early Childhood Level in the 1990s in Japan
INOUE Michiko
Environmental education   14-2,3-14    2004   [Refereed]
Inoue Michiko
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   3(0) 1-8   Dec 2002
A survey of kindergarten teachers researched in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in 1997 revealed that (1) the kindergarten teachers highly concerned both nature and environmental issues, whereas (2) their interests did not reflect in their attitudes. Fro...
INOUE Michiko
Environmental education   11(2) 80-86   Mar 2002   [Refereed]
Inoue Michiko, Okigaki Tohru
Journal of Kinki Welfare University   1(0) 54-61   Dec 2000
Since the beginning of 20th century,universities and colleges in Japan like occidentalcounterparts have traditionally been requiring the so-called general education courses (liberalarts) for undergraduate studedents. The reason is simple to enligh...
On the Two-dimension Aspects of Environmental Education in Early Childhood
Environmental Education   5(2) 2-12   1996   [Refereed]


Age gradations in vocalization and body weight in Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata)
Folia Primatologica   51(2-3)    1988
The study on vocalizations of Japanese monkeys
Journal of Himeji Gakuin women's Junior College   16    1988
Environmental education in the infancy
Journal of Himeji Gakuin women's Junior College   19    1992
How kindergarten teacher aspirants see "nature"?
The Himeji Gakuin Review   15    1992
Current Environmental Education in the Field of Early Childhood Care and Education
20,101-110    1993
Difference in the Meaning of "Environment" between Early Childhood Care and Education and Environmental Education
Environmental Education   4(2) 25-33   1995
On the Meaning of the Term "Environment" in Early Childhood Care and Education.
Journal of Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College   (21) 115-124   1994
Animal Caring Experiences of the Students in the Early Childhood Education Course
Journal of Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College   (22) 127-138   1995
Problems in the Introduction of Environmental Education into the Curriculum of the Early Childhood Education Course in Junior Colleges
Journal of Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College   (23) 71-81   1996
On the Significance of the Direct Experiences of Nature Things in the Early Childhood Education Course at Colleges
(24) 21-31   1996
Study on Environmental Education in the Training Course of Kindergarten Teacher and Nurse -A Survey on Present Interests of Teachers and Curriculums in Junior Colleges
(21) 149-156   1995
How should a New Educational Subject, such as the Environmental Education, be Introduced into the Early Childhood Education?
Journal of Himeji Gakuin Women's Junior College   (25) 33-40   1997
How Can Environmental Education Value the Healing Force of Nature?
(26) 49-57   1998
On the Methods of Recurrent Trainings of Early Childhood Educators from a View Point of Environmental Education
(27) 39-47   1999
Training Programs for Early Childhood Educators who can Practice Environmental Education
Environmental Education   9(1) 2-14   1999
A Historical Study on the Significance of "Nature " in Early Childhood Education in Japan - from a Viewpoint of Environmental Education-
Environmental Education   9(2) 2-11   2000
How Early Childhood Educators Recognize Environmental Education? -Based on the Survey in Hyogo Prefecture-
(28) 33-45   2000
A Study of Environmental Education of Training Schools for Nursery Teachers-Based on Consideration on Their Professional Identity-
(27) 52-59   2001
On the Conceptional Status of Biological Science for Providing General Intellectual Capacities in Liberal Arts.
(1) 52-59   2001

Conference Activities & Talks

Rethinking nature-based activities from a sustainability perspective [Invited]
INOUE Michiko
2018 Conference of The Korea Society for Children's Media   1 Dec 2018   
Early Childhood Education for Sustainability in Japan [Invited]
INOUE Michiko
18th PECERA International Conference   8 Jul 2017   
A way to improve practices based on evidences - a case study of early childhood education for sustainability in Japan
INOUE Michiko
Early Childhood Australia 2016 Conference   6 Oct 2016   
Connecting food and gardening in sustainability education during early childhood
JIGE Mayumi、TOMINGA Mika, INOUE Michiko
5 Jul 2016   
Practice study: A way to show leadership for education for sustainability in early childhood centres
INOUE Michiko
Early Childhood Australia 2014 Conference   Sep 2014   


Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Osaka City University
Faculty of Science, Kobe University

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Environmental education
Environmental education at early childhood level