ARIMA Hiroshi

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ARIMA Hiroshi
Kindai University
Faculty of Engineering
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Hiroshima University
Apr 2012
Professor, Kindai University


Graduate School, Division of Education, Hiroshima University
Faculty of Education, Kagawa University

Published Papers

Issues of educational practice learning in teacher training of open licensing system
ARIMA Hiroshi
4 2-12   Dec 2017
Developing the Audience Awareness Scale of Report Writing
TANAKA Hikaru,YAMANE Takashi,ARIMA Hiroshi,CHUJO Kazumitsu
16 69-79   Mar 2017
The attitudes of university students in a teacher training course on ICT utilization
YAMANE Takafumi・TANAKA Hikaru・ARIMA Hiroshi・CHUJO Kazumitsu
Hiroshima Psychological Research   17 35-45   Mar 2018
Does other-reference in illustrating the contents of sentences promote comprehension of the expository prose?
ARIMA Hiroshi,Kazumitsu CHUJO,
Annual Report Kindai University Faculty of Engineering   46 1-18   Dec 2016
Teacher efficacy of the students before attending teacher profession practice
ARIMA Hiroshi
The Teacher Training Course in Faculty of Engineering,Kindai University   3 2-10   Aug 2016
”Practical Seminar for Teaching Profession" on teacher training course in the faculty of engineering
ARIMA Hiroshi
Annual Report The Teacher Training Course in Faculty of Engineering   1 13-21   Jul 2014
Selection of cooperative strategy on a cooperative memory task in elementary school students
ARIMA Hiroshi
Annual report of Faculty of Engineering, Kinki University   43 1-12   2013
ARIMA Hiroshi
Journal of school mental health   13(1) 35-40   Oct 2010   [Refereed]
This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of voluntary peer support on self development in junior high schools. In this study, a survey of 761 junior high school students was conducted. The questionnaire of the survey consisted of two main cat...
Bulletin of Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University   44 39-44   Dec 2009


The effect of image-arousal and congruity on the causal inferences
Bulletin of Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's College   26    1991
The Viewpoint of Learning Junior High School Students.
Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University   (36)    1987
The Viewpoint of Learning in Junior High School Students and the Learning Behaviors of Their Family Members.
Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University   (39)    1991
Preschool Children's Empathic Response in Four Emotional Situations
Bulletin of Hiroshima Bunkyou Women's College   28 105-114   1993
The Effect of Presentations of Pictorial Information on Story Comprehension
Bulletin of Hirshima Bunkyo Women's Cllege   30    1995

Books etc

Guidance and Counselling
ARIMA Hiroshi (Part:Contributor, school bullying ,School absenteeism and school refusal)
kyodo shyupan   Apr 2014   
Clinical Psycology in local community
Kitaohzisyobo   2003   
Welfare : 300 essential terms
Meijitosho   2000   
Perspective Learning Psychology
Kitaohzisyobo   1999   
Preschool Education
Keisuisya   1998   
Science of Your Mind Ver. 2
Kitaohzisyobo   1997   
The Foundations of Developmental Psychology II
Mineruvasyobo   1994   
The World of Education : Viewing from Psychology
Kitaohzisyobo   1994   
Developmental Psychology
Kitaohzisyobo   1994   
Dictionary of Developmental Psychology
Learning Psychology

Conference Activities & Talks

Children's development of cognitive division of labor based on transactive memory system (TMS)
Jun 2012   
Child's Development: Motivational Development (3)
Jul 2011   
Child's Development: Motivational Development (2)
Jul 2010   
Child's Development: Motivational Development
Aug 2009   
Effects of Collaboration in Encoding on Individual Remembering
Nov 2007   


Investigation of School Counselors
1998 - 1999

Research Grants & Projects

Cognitive Process and School Counseling