KASAI Kimiko

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KASAI Kimiko

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Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College Division of Early Childhood Care and Education

Published Papers

The Study Of Traditiomal Japanese Songs: A Survey of prospective cildren's Teachers
KASAI Kimiko
(第42号) 15-25   Mar 2010


Gioachino Rossini's Song
Public Kyusyu private university music academy of the 35th      2003
Song of Kohzabure Hidari Tackled the Song a Noh song style"Koomote Genso"…
Music academy of Kyushu public and private university 32      2000
Song of Kohzaburo Hirai : a study of performance' early works and present works
Music academy of Kyushu public and Kyushu   31    1999
Shumanns songs
The Japan Association for Research in Singing "Concert of Summerschool"      1996
Research of new song Kataribusi "Kitsunedate" of Taminosuke Matsumoto. Base of a picture Book
Music academy of Ky(]E87CD[)sh(]E87CD[) public and private university 26      1994


Society of Ei, Concert. Love Song. Programs(R. Schumann) : "Erste Begegnung"the others.
Artistic Activity   2000
G.F.Handel's Messiah. Mezzo Soprano Solo. Citizens Cristmas Concert.
Artistic Activity   2000
Society of Hibiki concert. Programs : Martini, Johann Paul Aegidius"Piacer d'amor"the others.
Artistic Activity   1999
Society of Hibiki concert. Programs : Kozabro Hirai "Cradle Song, Oh, my native place! " Violin Obbligato, Beethoven "Opera of Fidelio" Aria of Marzelline. the others.
Artistic Activity   1998
Duorzk's songs : programs ; "Als die alte Mutler". Congress of summer time The Japan Association for Research in Singing
Artistic Activity   1998

Research Grants & Projects

Vocalize Germany Lied Japanese Song