HONDA Toshio

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HONDA Toshio

Research Areas



Iwakura Mission and Oshima Takato, seen in the Diary in Romanized Japanese.
The Historical study of Practical Sciences   7    1991
A Study for Koh-unmaru and Hyshunmaru, two Western Style ships in Nanbu-Morioka Han during toward the End of Tokugawa-Shogunate Period(1)
Journal of the Iwate Society for Historical Studies   73    1990
A Study for Koh-unmaru and Hyshunmaru, two Western Style ship in Nanbu-Morioka Han(clan) during toward the End of Tokugawa-Shogunate Period(2)
Journal of the Iwate Society for Historical Studies   74    1991
Engaged Western Technologists in Mines Exploitation of Yezo(Hokkaido)District at the Closing Period of Tokugawa Regime.
The Historical Study of Practical Sciences   4    1987
Nisshindo-Kohzangakko, Educational Institute of Mine and Applied Science in Kosaka Silver Mine, Nanbu Han(clan)at the End of Tokugawa Period.
Journal of English Historical Studies   21    1988

Books etc

A Study for Western style stock-farm constructed by Hirosawa Yasutoh, Old Tonami Han's Samurai in early Meiji Period.
Cultural Studies of Iwate   1992   
300 Industrial Inheritances in Japan(1)
Dobunkan Pub. Co. Ltd.   1993   
Shyuichiro and Takuboku, viewed from point of Inscriptions
Nature, Human and Culture(published Iwate Univ. )   1999   
The Industrial heritages in Michinoku
Ikichi Book Store Co.   2001   


Genealogical Study of Modern Industry Pioneers and Engineers in Sanriku, North-Eastern Japan.
Study of Ohshima Takato and his Co-Workers ; Study for Mining-Metallurgical Engineers and their Cultures along Rivers and Lakes in North-Eastern Japan
1991 - 1992
Ecole polytechnique, or college? 〜Sapporo Imperial college of Agriculture and Morioka Imperial College of Agri. and Forest.
Study of "Plough"made in England at the late of 19 Century in Northern Japan
Pioneers on Tonami, Old Aizu-han (clan)-Entreprenership in Yachigasira, present Misawa city, Aomori Pref.

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Engineering of Sanbongi-Kaitaku in Bakumatsu and Meiji Periods.
Reports on Ransome's Plough made in England
Industrial Engineering in North-Tohoku Japan.