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Ishikawa National College of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Kanazawa University)
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Faculty of Engineering, Kanazawa University

Published Papers

HIGASHI Ryoichi, FUKAMI Tetsuo
Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers   67(8) J337-J339   Aug 2013   [Refereed]


EMC Measurement in Urban Area
2001 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference   E9-01   2001
Height Patter of JJY 8 MHz in the Ionosphere Observed by a rocket
Proceeding of 2000 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation   3 1271-1273   2000
An Improved Curriculum in the Electrical Engineering Course
Japanese Colleges of Technology Education Journal   (21) 159-165 (in Japanese)   1998
T. Okada, M. Mambo, T. Fukami, I. Nagano, K. Okumura
Journal of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity   49(1) 69-76   1997
A new method obtaining the ionograms from the electron density and the collision frequency profiles in the lower ionosphere
Proceedings of the 1996 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation   3 685-688   1996
A 6-hour course of creative exercise in the electric engineering laboratory, Titled"A sine wave oscillator"
Japanese Colleges of Technology Education Journal   (17) 240-247 (in Japanese)   1994
Experimental MF Direction Finder
Transactions of IEICE   J75B-II(1) 86-94 (in Japanese)   1992
No Evidence of the Ledge in the International Reference Ionosphere Model from Night-Time MF Wave Field Strength Measurements
Transaction of IEICE   J74B-II(6) 355-362   1991
Direction Finding of Sky Waves at Medium Frequency
Proceedings of The 1989 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation   3D(1-5) 761-764   1989
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation   34(10) 1214-1222   1986
Night-Time Propagation Curves Considering the Sporadic E Layer at Medium Frequencies for Short Distances
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Estimation of Collision Frequency in the Lower Ionosphere by means of K-9M-72 Rocket
(27) 1-14   1985
A simulation of estimating electron density profile of the lower ionosphere by VLF waves
Sino-Japanese joint meeting of optical fiber science and electromagnetic theory   6(6) 437-442 (in Japanese)   1985
Analysis of the collision frequency in the lower ionosphere from simultaneous measurements of VLF signal and Langmuir probe current by a rocket
Proceeding of 1985 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation   242-6,1015-1018    1985
Comparison between the data of the oblique ionogram and the H. F. doppler in the similar propagation condition
20(1) 35-44   1987
An Improved Method of Estimating Electron Density Profiles in the Lower Ionosphere with VLF Reflection Coefficients
Transaction of IECE   J67B(2) 147-154   1984
Measurements of Night-Time Sky Wave Field Strengths of Medium Frequencies over Short Distances during a Maximum Sunspot Number Period
Transaction of IECE   J67B(11) 1286-1293   1984
Estimation of the Electron Density Profile in the D Region from Rocket Measurement of VLF Signals from a Ground Based Transmitter
Transaction of IECE   J64B(11) 1273-1280   1981

Conference Activities & Talks

Observation of the MF radio waves on the annular solar eclipse in Japan
T.FUKAMI, I.Nagano, R.Higashi
2013 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference   6 Sep 2013   
Association Between Over-the-horizon Propagation of UHF Broadcasting Waves and Weather Condition over the Japan Sea [Invited]
2013 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference   5 Sep 2013   


Electromagnetic Technology for Ishikawa Industorig
1999 - 2001

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Rescue Radio System in High Mountains
Project Year: 1999   
Survey on Electromagnetic wave Intensity in Urban Space
Project Year: 1999   
Estimation of electron density profile in the ionosphere by ionogram data
Project Year: 1978   


Anti-fading MF receiver


1978-1986 Kanazawa University, Research Assistant1986-1988 Ishikawa national College of Technology,&"1988-1992 Ishikawa national college of technology, lecturer1992-2003 Ishikawa national college of technology, associate professor2003-2004 Ishikawa national college of technology, professor