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Research Areas



The Ups and Downs of the Chita Sake Brewing Industry
SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY   55(2) 32-53   1989
The Economy and the Social Structure of Narumishuku
NARUMI   (14) 14-34   1990
The Business of a Merchant in Chita-gun -The Case of the Kyuzaemon Moritas in 1859-
Journal of toyota National College of Technology   (18) 13-20   1985
The Market for Chita-zake In the Case of the Kyuzaemon Moritas
Journal of Toyota National College of Technology   (16) 13-20   1983
The Merchants of Gifu in the Latter Half of the Edo Era
Journal of Toyota National College of Technology   (17)    1984

Books etc

Studies on the History of the Shoyu Brewing
Yoshikawakoubunsha   1990   
The History of Shoyu Brewing in the Eastern and the Western Japan
Yoshikawakoubunkan   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

A Study on the History of Industry in Aichi Pretecture
Characteristics of the Society in Recent Times in Chita Peninsula
A Study on the People's Life of Mino-koku in Recent Times