KONDO Kazuyuki

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KONDO Kazuyuki
Suzuka National College of Technology
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Job title
(BLANK)(Shizuoka University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1977
Mar 1980
Casio Computer Ltd
Apr 1980
Mar 1984
Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University


Suzuka National College of Technology

Published Papers

Realization of the Floating Equivalent Inductance
Kazuyuki Kondo
ECT-16-053 43-46   Jun 2016
HANAI Takaaki, KUWABARA Hirofumi, KONDO Kunikazu, MINOURA Hirohito, ITO Akira, KONDO Kazuyuki, EZAKI Hisakazu, KAWAGUCHI Masashi, INOUE Tetsuo, LAWSON Michael E.
Journal of Jsee   56(3) 68-73   May 2008   [Refereed]
One of the educational goals of the Advanced Engineering Faculty of Suzuka National College of Technology is to instill in graduates the ability required to become an internationally engaged engineers. To help realize this goal a project oriented ...
Masashi Kawaguchi,Kazuyuki Kondo,Takashi Jimbo,Masayoshi Umeno
Artificial Neural Networks and Neural Information Processing - ICANN/ICONIP 2003, Joint International Conference ICANN/ICONIP 2003, Istanbul, Turkey, June 26-29, 2003, Proceedings   729-736   2003   [Refereed]
Kondou Kazuyuki
Memoirs of Suzuka College of Technology   33 39-43   Jan 2000
Kazuyuki Kondo and Kenzo Watanabe
Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers   31(12) 2018-2020   Dec 1995   [Refereed]
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences   E76-A(no.7) 1139-1142   Jul 1993   [Refereed]
To improve measurement accuracy and speed, a switched-capacitor capacitance measurement circuit with the vernier scale is developed. Its process consists of a coarse measurement by charge-balancing A-D conversion and a fine measurement but single-...
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement   vol.39, no.1, pp 61-65(1) 61-65   1990   [Refereed]
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement   38(3) 736-739   Jan 1989   [Refereed]
A novel switched-capacitor interface for capacitive sensors has been developed based on a dual-slope analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion technique. The interface consists of a switched-capacitor integrator, a comparator, and digital control circuit...
近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子情報通信学会論文誌 C   71(2) 317-318   Feb 1988   [Refereed]
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement   36(4) 879-882   Dec 1987   [Refereed]
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
Electronics and Communications in Japan, Part II: Electronics (English translation of Denshi Tsushin Gakkai Ronbunshi)   70 101-111   Feb 1987
A capacitance meter using switched-capacitor circuits is developed. The capacitance under measurement is first sampled in its proportional voltage, which is then converted into the binary number by means of the cyclic analog-to-digital conversion....
近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子通信学会論文誌 C   69(7) 922-929   Jul 1986   [Refereed]
近藤 一之, 渡辺 健蔵
Memoirs of Suzuka College of Technology   17(2) p189-196   1984
渡辺健蔵, モハマッド マディヒャン, 近藤一之, 山本達夫
静岡大学電子工学研究所研究報告   15(2) 57-63   Feb 1981


An Integration-Type High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings      1989
A Switched-Capacitor Digital Capacitance Meter
Electronics and Communications in Japan, Part 2   70(2)    1987
A Swithced-Capacitor Signal Processing Circuit for Capacitive Sensors with Wide Dynamic Range
Memoirs of Suzuka College of Technology   23(1)    1990
A Switched-Capacitor Capacitance Bridge Based on the Vernier Scale Concept
Proceedings JTC-CSCC '93(1993 Joint Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications)   953-957    1993
Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers   31(12) 2018-2020   1995

Conference Activities & Talks

Characteristics of the Novel Impedance Converter to Realize Floating Elements
KONDO Kazuyuki
13 Sep 2016   
Kazuyuki Kondo
Proceedings of the IEICE Engineering Sciences Society/NOLTA Society Conference   25 Aug 2015   
近藤一之, 北村登, 花井孝明, 奥田一雄, 大津孝佳, 川口雅司, 辻琢人, 西村一寛, 奥野正明, 柴垣寛治, 山田伊智子, 鈴木昌一, 山田太
日本高専学会年会講演会講演論文集   27 Aug 2011   
KITAMURA Noboru, KONDO Kazuyuki, KAWAGUCHI Masashi, NAKAMURA Keisuke
工学・工業教育研究講演会講演論文集   30 Jul 2004   
Resonant Q Measurement Using a Digital Oscilloscope
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
Fourth International Conference on Measurement and Instruments Conference Proceedings, Harbin China pp.35~38   Aug 1999   
KONDO Kazuyuki, WATANABE Kenzo
Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference   8 Mar 1999   
Kenzo Watanabe, Satomi Ogawa, Yutaka Oisugi, Kazuyuki Kondo
Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference   1 Jan 1999   
For high-accuracy signal processing of differential capacitance transducers, an interface circuitry based on a switched-capacitor sample hold circuit is developed. Driven by nonoverlapping two-phase clocks, the interface produces the output voltag...
近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集   6 Mar 1998   
近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集   Mar 1993   
Satomi Ogawa, Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems   1 Dec 1989   
An algorithmic analog-to-digital (A/D) converter is proposed which uses unity-gain buffers instead of op-amps to perform the analog arithmetic operation. Error analysis shows that a conversion accuracy higher than 8 b is possible with presently av...
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEEE Instrum. & Meas. Tech. Conf. Proceedings, pp.2~5, Washington D.C.   1 Dec 1989   
An analog-to-digital converter consisting of a switched-capacitor integrator, comparator, and control circuit is presented. The conversion process consists of voltage-to-frequency conversion to determine the upper M bits of an N-bit representation...
小川寛美, 近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子情報通信学会全国大会講演論文集   Mar 1989   
近藤一之, 渡辺健蔵
電子情報通信学会全国大会講演論文集   Aug 1988   
近藤一之, 福岡浩
電子情報通信学会全国大会講演論文集   Mar 1988   
An Auto-ranging Switched Capacitor analog-to-digital Converter
Kazuyuki Kondo, Kenzo Watanabe
IEEE Instrum. & Meas. Tech. Conf. Proceedings pp.115~118, Boston   Apr 1987   

Research Grants & Projects

Switched-Capacitor Sensor Signal Processing Circuit
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