NAKAGAWA Shigeyasu

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NAKAGAWA Shigeyasu
Maizuru National College of Technology

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Academic & Professional Experience

Maizuru National College of Technology, Research Assistant1989-1994 Maizuru National College of Technology, Lecturer1995-1996 Toyohashi University of Tech., Research Assistant1997-1998 Maizuru Natl. College of Tech., Lecturer


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology


MPPTMethodbasedonI-VCharacteristicsEstimationby EquivalentCircuitModelofPVModule
TakashiIkeno,AtsushiUtsumi,KatsuyaHirachi, ShigeyasuNakagawa
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Sustained Orervoltages in Lood CV-Cable Distributor Systems
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Characteristics of Short-Length Arc between Low Temperature Electrodes.
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Parameter of Neural Network Suited for Insolation Forecasting and Solar Heat Utilization
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Optimizing the Size of Photovoltaic/Wind Hybrid Generating System Controlled by Fuzzy Inference "jointly authered"
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Effective Operation of Solar Photovoltaic/Heat Utilization System Using Insolation Forcasted from Precipitation Probability
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Conference Activities & Talks

New method for high-efficiency FF type MPPT based on Equivalent Circuit Models of PV modules,2nd STI-Gigaku 2017,STI-7-1,(2017.10.5),KentoIIDA, YasunoriBANDO, Shigeyasu NAKAGAWA
2nd STI-Gigaku 2017   Oct 2017   
Study of High-Speed Response in I-V Characteristics Estimation Type of MPPT Method Using PV Module Simulation,2nd STI-Gigaku 2017,STI-7-6,(2017.10.5),Masato TAKAHIRO , Seiji SAKAI , KentoIIDA , YasunoriBANDOH , KatsuyaHIRACHI , Atsushi UTSUMI , ShigeyasuN
2nd STI-Gigaku 2017   Oct 2017   
Short Period Estimation of the Amount of Solar Radiation by All-sky Cloud Image,IWIP2013,(Aug.2013),SHINYA Nakagawa, KEITA Ashizawa, YOSHITAKA Arakawa, SHIGEYASU Nakagawa
SHINYA Nakagawa,
IWIP2013   Aug 2013   
The generated power estimation in the 40kW photovoltaic system,IWIP2013,(Aug.2013),KAICHIRO Kageyama, TATSUYA Furubayashi, YOSHITAKA Arakawa, SHIGEYASU Nakagawa
IWIP2013   Aug 2013   


A Prototype of a Measurement System to Examine Operating Conditions in a Solar Energy System
A Comparison of the Energy Generated by Photovoltaic Power Systems at the First Stage Installed in Five Colleges of Technology in Japan

Research Grants & Projects

Effective Operation of Solar Energy Utilization System Using Forecasting Insolation
Forecasting Insolation Using Meteorological Information