TARUTANI Shigehiro

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TARUTANI Shigehiro
Maizuru National College of Technology
General Education
Job title
Associate Professor
Master (Literature)(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Faculty of Law, Kyoto University


The Religious Dimension in Jung's view of Transference
Studies in the Philosophy of Religion   19, 29-43    2002
Becoming aware of Ligh and Darkness -a comparative study of Jung's 'Answer to Job-' and a Japanese medieval legend'Shintokumaru-'
Meichokankokai   6, 79-107    1994
The Relation of Jung's Thought to Religion
Journal of Religious Studies   63(281) 29-55   1989
The Problem of the Others and the World in the "Individuation"
Studies in the Philosophy of Religion   5, 78-95    1988
The Significance of Jung's Self-Realization for Modern Man (The presentation in the panel discussion "The Psychology of Religinon and the Problem of the Self" at the fifty-eighth annual convention)
Journal of Religious Studies   73(323) 415-416   2000
Relogiosify in Jung's View of "Transference"
Journal of Religious Studies   75(331) 123-124   2002
On the relation of collective consciousness to the collective unconscious
Journal of Religious Studies   64(287) 21-22   1991
The Problem of "Transference" in C.G.Jung
Journal of Religious Studies   59(267) 63-64   1986
The Problem of "Transference" in C.G.Jung2
Jounal of Religious Studies   60(271) 59-60   1987
On the problem of the bounds of psychology in Jung's thought
Journal of Religious Studies   61(275) 44-45   1988

Books etc

"Healing" in Circumstances with no way out
on Jung
Sekaishisosya   1998   
religious experience and its psychology
Syowado   1999   
Individuation and 'uns Mundus'
Jinbunshoin   2000   
Jung's thonght and Alchemy translation of chemical Active Imagination
Jinbunsyoin   2000   


Religio-Philosophieal study on the Immenent Relation between Religion and Psychotherapy in the Psychologized age

Research Grants & Projects

Jung and Alchemy
Project Year: 2000   
Religion and Psychology
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2001