HORII Katsunori

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HORII Katsunori
Anan National College of Technology
Department of Creative Technology Engineering , Course of Civil Engineering
Job title
M.Eng.(The University of Tokushima), Dr.Eng.(The University of Tokushima)

Research Interests



Studies of Polymer Cement Mortar for use as Permanent Forms (jointly authored)
Proceedings of the Fourth CANMET/ACI/JCI International Conference on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology(ACI SP-179)   pp.747-764    1998
Experimental Studies on Various Fiber Nets Polymer Dispersions and Aggregates Used for High-Durability Casting Mortar Formwork(jointly authored)
Proceedings of the Third Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction   pp.341-348    1996
Fundamental Properties of Permanent Form Containing Glass Fiber and Bond Property between Form and Concrete(jointly authored)
the Cement Association of Japan Proceedings of Cement & Concrete   No.48, pp.802-807    1994
Quality Change in Crushed Stone Containing Shale and its Effect on Concrete Properties(jointly authored)
Transactions of the Japan Concrete Institute   Vol.12, pp.1-8    1990
Use of Magnesium Calcium Silicate Admixture for Instant-Stripping Concrete Blocks(jointly authored)
RILEM Proceedings of Admixtures for Concrete(Improvement of Properties)   pp.516-523    1990

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Precast Permanent Form
Cooperative Research
Research on Use of By-products for Concrete
Cooperative Research
Research on Concrete Products
Cooperative Research
Reseach on Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Produced only Using Waste Resources
Cooperative Research


1983-1985 The University of Tokushima, Research Assistant1985-1993 Anan National College of Technology, Research Assistant1985-1989 The University of Tokushima, Part-time Lecturer1989-1990 The University of Tokyo, Researcher1993-1996 Anan National College of Technology, Lecturer1990-2002 The University of Tokushima, Part-time Lecturer1996-2008 Anan National College of Technology, Associate Professor2008- Anan National College of Technology, Professor