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Sasebo National College of Technology
Department of General Education, Department of General Education, Sasebo National College of Technology
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

Kiyoshi HORIE / Hiroki MANABE / Wataru OKAMOTO
Research Report of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (55) 48-55   Jan 2019
MANABE Hiroki / INAGAWA Naohiro / YAMADA Tsutomu / NAGASHIMA Yutaka
Research Report of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (55) 56-65   Jan 2019
MANABE Hiroki Hiroki / MATSUMI Yutaka / OKAMOTO Wataru / INAGAWA Naohiro / YAMADA Tsutomu / NAGASHIMA Yutaka / HASAGAWA Hitoshi
Research Report of N.I.T., Sasebo College   (55) 66-75   Jan 2019
MANABE Hiroki / INAGAWA Naohiro / YAMADA Tsutomu / OKAMOTO Wataru / HORIE Kiyoshi / MATSUMI Yutaka / NAGASHIMA Yutaka / URATA Kensaku / SOMEYA Takashi
Research Report of N.I.T., Sasebo College   (55) 76-92   Jan 2019
MAEDA Takanou, MANABE Hiroki, YAMASHITA Hirohumi, TOMINAGA Atsushi
Reseach Reports of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (54) 10-14   Jan 2018
MANABE Hiroki/MAEDA Takanobu
Research Report of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (54) 15-20   Jan 2018
MANABE Hiroki /NAGASIMA Yutaka/URATA Kensaku / YAMAMOTO Yuji/KONDO Masayoshi / OKAMOTO Wataru
Reserch Report of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (53) 5-13   Dec 2016
MANABE Hiroki/ MAEDA Takanobu/NAGASIMA Yutaka /URATA Kensaku /SOMEYA Takashi / KUMA Hideki / NIIBE Ichitaro/HASEGAWA Hitoshi / OKAMOTO Wataru /HARUYAMA Junichi
Reserach Report of N.I.T.,Sasebo College   (53) 14-27   Dec 2016
On Cole-Hopf transformation of Burgers equation and one-dimensional nonlinear wave equation
(52) 22-30   Dec 2015
MAEDA Takabobu/MANABE Hiroki
(52) 8-11   Dec 2015
MANABE Hiroki/MAEDA Takanobu/KUMA Hideki/NIIBE Ichitaro/URATA Kensaku/SOMEYA Takashi/HARUYAMA Junichi
(52) 16-21   Dec 2015


Robotic exploration and preliminary experiments with sonar morphometry
Manabe Hiroki/Nagashima Yutaka
49 51-64   Jan 2013
ROV Exploration of Iwato Do Underwater Cave and Hydrogeological Preliminary Survey on Kuma Karst
Manabe Hiroki/Nagashima Yutaka/Urata Kensaku/Someya Takashi/Suda Junichirou/Yamaguchi Takiuya/Yamaguchi Takurou/Asada Yuuki/Kawata Shunya
48(0) 33-44   Dec 2011
Demonstration Experiment of Exploration Robot and Surveying System in Shiratakinoana Underwater Cave
Manabe Hiroki/Urata Kensaku/Nagashima Yutaka/Yamaguchi Takuya/Yamguchi Takurou/Kimura Masao/Takigawa Daisuke
Research reports of Sasebo National College of Technology   47(0) 39-44   Jan 2011
Hydrogeological Preliminary Survey on Kuma Mountainous Karst
Manabe Hiroki/Urata Kensaku/Suda Junichirou
Research reports of Sasebo National College of Technology   47(0) 45-50   Jan 2011
Demonstration and Preliminary Surveys for Underwater Cave Exploration Vehicle
Manabe Hiroki, Nagashima Yutaka, Urata Kensaku, Miyamoto Ken
Research reports of Sasebo College of Technology   46(0) 43-48   Dec 2009
1P1-B04 Development of ROV for underwater caves exploration
NAGASHIMA Yutaka, SHIMIZU Taiki, MANABE Hiroki, URATA Kensaku, SANO Yujiro, HORIBE Satoshi
2009(0) "1P1-B04(1)"-"1P1-B04(2)"   May 2009
Development of a compact hybrid type remotely operated vehicle for the shallow water
Nagashima Yutaka, Manabe Hiroki, Shiku Osamu, Shimoo Kosei, Taguchi Nobuyoshi
Research reports of Sasebo College of Technology   44(0) 35-42   Dec 2007
Harmonic Gauss Sections, Object Inclusion Maps and Yang-Mills Connections
Kodai Mathematical Journal   17(1)    1994
Pluriharmonic Maps into Principal Fiber Bundle and Vertical Torsion
Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics   16(1)    1992
Yang-Mills-Higgs Fields and Harmonicity of Limit Maps
Proceedings of the Japan Academy   65(A.4)    1989

Conference Activities & Talks

Drone Aerial Laser Measurement and Photogrammetry of Vertical Pit for 3D Cave Model
17 Nov 2019   
Diving Investigation of Underwater Caves in Nansei Islands
17 Nov 2019   
Cave Exploration, Morphometry and Data Utilization Method
MANABE Hiroki / MAEDA Takanobu / OKAMOTO Wataru / YAMASHITA Hirofumi
Ukaren62   26 Oct 2018   
Drone Aerial Photographs of Tumuluses and Fortresses in the Northwest Kyushu Area~Aiming at 3D Archive Building ~
HORIE Kiyoshi /MANABE Hiroki /OKAMOTO Wartaru
13 Oct 2018   
Drone Aerial Photography for Cave Terains ~Aiming at Photogrammetry and 3D Models ~
MANABE Hiroki / OKAMOTO Wataru / MAEDA Takanobu
8 Oct 2018   
Laser Measurement and Exploration Simulation for
25 Nov 2017   
Drone Survey and Measurement of Landforms Analogous to Lava Caves and Vertical Holes
25 Oct 2017   
Laser Measurement and 3-D Model making of Caves
25 Oct 2017   
Scientific Reserch of Caves on Moon and Mars Aimed by the UZUME project
MANABE Hiroki/HARUYAMA Junichi/URATA Kensaku/SOMEYA Takashi
20 Aug 2016   
Underwater Cave Survey Using Remotely Operated Vehicle (Brief Report)Piyazu,Hrara,Miyakojima Island and Fudo-Do Cave , Hirodai Plateau
20 Aug 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

Three Dimensional Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gas and Aerosol using UAV and Compact Sensors
I.S.E.E., Nagoya University: 
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): MANABE Hiroki
Study on Harmonic Gauss Sections derived from Gauge Fields on Principal Fiber Bundle
Study on Mapsinto Flat Manifold with Singularities by Discrete Group Actions
Quantization parameters on dual Poisson algebra of Lie algebra and Gange transformation


Jul 2019   Preliminary Survey of Akiyoshidai Karst
Oct 2018   Drone Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry of Koura-San Kougoishi and Otsubo-Yama Kougoishi (Fortress Ruins)
Aug 2018   Preliminary Survey of Tousen-Jou and Sashokata-Jou (Fortress Ruins)
Aug 2018   Preliminary Survey of Obikumayama-Kougoishi,Otsuboyama-Kougoishi (Fortress Ruins), Funatsuka Tumulus (ancient tomb mound)
Aug 2018   Preliminry Survey of Kii-Jou, Oono-Jou, Ashiki-Jou (Fortress Ruins)
Jan 2018   Drone Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry of Kometsuka, Aso Volcano
Dec 2017   Preliminary Experiment for Robotic Exploration and Laser Measurement in Mizonokuchi Douketsu (Mizonokuchi Cave)
Nov 2017   Preliminary survey of Iana Cave System (Lava Tube Cave)
Oct 2017   Preliminary Experiment for Robotic Exploration and Laser Measurement of Mukyuu-Dou Shelter
Sep 2017   Drone Aerial Photography of West Lava ,Aso Volcano
May 2014   浅間湾屋洞穴におけるROV(水中ロボット)のソナー形状測定実験