FUKUDA Shigeki

FUKUDA Shigeki

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FUKUDA Shigeki
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Accelerator Laboratory, Accelerator Laboartory
Job title
(BLANK)(Tohoku University), (BLANK)(Tohoku University)


I retired KEK in 2012 and I am working KEK as senior fellow. I have been involeved in GDE-ILC and was a convener of HLRF of ILC. Low I related to STF in KEK as R&D for ILC, ERL project for KEK future program. These two years I am designning and manufacturing the flux consentrator system to produce positron in electron-positron injector for Super KEKB project.
Hobby; play musical instrument such as gutor and syamisen, and play tennis.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Mar 2014
Sinior Fellow, Accelerator Supporting Centor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Apr 2014
Mar 2018
Research Support Advisor, Accelerator Laboratory, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Apr 2015
Mar 2018
Visiting Researcher, Institute of High Energy Physics
Apr 1996
Mar 2012
Profesor, School of Physical Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
Apr 1995
Mar 2012
Professor, Accelerator Laboratory, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


Graduate School, Division of Nuclear Physics, Tohoku University
Physics, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

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FUKUDA Shigeki
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On the mechanism of improvement of field emission properties of carbon-coated field emitters
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Performance of High Power S-band Klystrons Focused with Permanent Magnet
KEK-Report   86-9    1987

Conference Activities & Talks

RF Sources of Super-conducting Test Facility(STF) at KEK
Proceedings of 2005 Internal Particle Accelerator Conference   2005   
Development of C-band High Power Mix-mode RF Window
Proceeding of 2004 International Linac Conference   2004   
Linac Upgrade Plan Using a C-band System for SuperKEKB
Proceedings of 30th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity e+e- Collision   2003   
Beam Commissioning of the J-PARC Linac Medium Energy Beam Transport at KEK
Proceedings of 2003 International Particle Accelerator Conference   2003   
Performance of 324MHz Klystron for High Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility
Proceedings of 2002 International Linac Conference   2002   
Instability Caused By Backstreaming Electron in Klystron
Proceedings of Second Asian Accelerator Conference   2001   
The RF Source of the 60-MeV Linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project
Proceeding of the 10th Int. Linac Coference   2000   
Development of a High-Power VHF Klystron for JHF
Proceedings of the 1st Asian Particle Accelerator Conference   1998   
Comparison Between Some KEK-Klystran's Performance and Simulation Results.
Proceeding of the ICFA Workshop of RF Source for Linear Colliders   1997   
Performance of RF Source for KEK-B Linac
Proceedings of the 8th Int. Linac Conference   1996   
Development of the B-Factory Linac 50-MW Pulsed Klystron
Proceeding of the 17th Int. Linac Conf.   1994   
60-MW Test Using the 30-MW Klystrons for the KEKB Project
Proc. of ICFA Workshop on RF Source for Linear Colliders   1994   
Upgrade of an RF Source of the Linac for the B-Factory Project
Proceeding of the 1993 Particle Accelerator Conference   1993   
Electron Gun for the Positron Generator
Proc. of 1986 Linear Acc. Conf.   1986   

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

Stydy of High Power Klystron and High Efficiency Development
Development of High-Power Microwave Source
Study of Electron Linear Accelerator