MORI Akiko

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MORI Akiko
National Museum of Ethnology
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph D.(Literature)(University of Tsukuba), Master of Art(University of Tsukuba)

Research Areas


Books etc

The Anthropology of Europe as Seen from Japan: Considering Contemporary Forms and Meanings of the Social. (Senri Ethnological Studies 81)
MORI Akiko (Part:Editor, Introduction)
National Museum of Ethnology   2013   
A Companion to Folklore
MORI Akiko (Part:Contributor, Japan)
Blackwell Publishing Ltd.   2012   
Anthropology of Europe
Mori Akiko
Shinyosha   2004   
Ethnic Groups
Mori Akiko
Minerva   2003   
Historiography Now: A Dialogue between History and Anthropology
Mori Akiko
Jinbunshoin   2002   
"To be a neighbor and to be a lodger : Living as one villager"
Mori Akiko
A Scenery of Neighboring Communications   2000   
"Coordinates for a culture"
Mori Akiko
Production of Culture   1999   
Family and its interpreted land : a historical ethnography of a Carinthian parish
Mori Akiko
Shinyosha   1999   
"An unfinished house"
Mori Akiko
Sumai ni Ikiru   1998   
"Labor migration and the meaning of the house"
Mori Akiko
Autonomy of family   1998   
"Peasant notions of occupations and working experiences; A case study from an Austrian parish"
Mori Akiko
Occupations in Social Order   1997   
"European Stndies by japanese anthropologists"
Mori Akiko
Curreut Ethnology in Japan   1996   
"'Bauer' as a representation of person"
Mori Akiko
Study of the Traditional Cultures of Europe   1995   
Verkehren der Geschlechter Reflexionen und Analysen von Ethnologinnen, Reihe Frauenforschung
Mori Akiko (Part:Contributor)
""das ganze Haus" und Familien "Network" : die Lebenskonzepte der Frauen in einer Gemeinde Suedostkaerntens"
Mori Akiko
Verkehren der Geschlechter, Reflektionen und Analysen von Ethnologinnen   1989   

Published Papers

"Exhibiting European Cultures in the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka"
MORI Akiko
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology   38(4) 475-494   2014   [Refereed]
"Introduction: Exhibiting Cultures from comparative Perspectives"
MORI Akiko
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology   38(4) 461-473   2014   [Refereed]
”Considering Contemporary Forms and Meanings of the Social: The Anthropology of Europe"
MORI Akiko
Senri Ethnological Studies   81 3-14   2013   [Refereed]
"A Metropolis and its Immigrants: the Ausländer (Foreigners) of Berlin and their sense of multiculturalism"
MORI Akiko
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnolgz   30(2) 145-229   Dec 2005   [Refereed]
"Representations of an Austrian Rural House: a Selfstanding House and a Selfstanding Man"
MORI Akiko
Asia-yugaku   74 140-152   2005
"Interpreted Body : A study of a parish in Austria"
MORI Akiko
Thought   887 75-92   1998
Peasant honor and notions of locality: an ethnography of a Carinthian parish
MORI Akiko
University of Tsukuba      Jan 1997   [Refereed]
"Changes and Continuities in Descriptive Categories for Women in an Austrian Rural Parish"
MORI Akiko
JOSEISHIGAKU : The Annals of Women' s History   5 17-30   1995
"Familiengrabpflege in ethnologischer Sicht : eine Dorfforschung in Suedostkaernten
MORI Akiko
L' Homme. Zeitschrift fuer Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft   1995(2) 86-97   1995   [Refereed]
"Grab, Epitaph und Friedhof. Neue Zugaenge ethnologischer Familienforschung am Beispiel einer Kaerntner Landgemeinde"
MORI Akiko
Historische Antnropologie : Kultur, Gesellschaft, Alltag   1995(1) 112-124   1995   [Refereed]
"On the concept of 'Yama'(bush) in japanese literature"
MORI Akiko
KOKUBUN MEJIRO   33 178-186   1994   [Refereed]
"History and anthropology in the study of central Europe: Upon the embarkation of 'Historische Anthropologie'"
MORI Akiko
Minpaku Tsushin   62 54-67   1993
""Family" and life-cycle servant system in an Austrian village"
MORI Akiko
Shakaijinruigaku-Nenpo   18: 57-86    1992
"Women's Services in the Continuity of the Household-grave : A Case Study from a Parish in South-east Carinthia"
MORI Akiko
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology   16(2: 223-260)    1991
"On the concept of family in Western Social History: with special reference to the views of Michael Mitterauer"
MORI Akiko
History and Anthropology   18: 175-198    1990
"Household and Estate in an Agricultural Village : An Austrian Example in the 20th Century"
MORI Akiko
Minzokugaku-Kenkyu: The Japanese Journal of Ethnology   54(1) 20-43   1989   [Refereed]
"Domestic Group of Agricultural Workers in the Alps: Life History of a Slovanian-Austrian Woman"
MORI Akiko
Yakara   4 1-43   1988
"Kingship from 'The Other World' : A Structural Study of the Japanese Classical Mythology"
MORI Akiko
En Marge de l'Histoire   11 20-37   1985


Place and Space
Akiko Mori
Themes in Ethnology: A World Encyclopedia   239   Jul 2014
Symbolic meaning of spaces
Akiko Mori
Themes in Ethnology: A World Encyclopedia   240-241   Jul 2014
Ethnological museum
Akiko Mori
Themes in Ethnology: A World Encyclopedia   514-515   Jul 2014
Carnival and the representation of others
Akiko Mori
Themes in Ethnology: A World Encyclopedia   746-747   Jul 2014
The Anthropology of Europe and its Extending Horizons
Akiko Mori
Minpaku Anthropology Newsletter   (32) 15   Jun 2011
An Anthropological Study of Europe: What Does It Mean to be Social?
Akiko Mori
Minpaku Anthropology Newsletter   (31) 1-3   Dec 2010
Immigrant in an article, immigrant as an author
MORI Akiko
Bunka-jinruigaku Jiten   274-275   Jan 2009
Immigration Issue in Europe
MORI Akiko
Bunka-jinruigaku Jiten   314-315   Jan 2009
Historiography Now: A Dialogue between History and Anthropology
Akiko Mori
Minpaku Anthropology Newsletter   (13) 14   2002

Conference Activities & Talks

Introduction: Why does an anthropology of care arouse our interest?
MORI Akiko
Thnking about an anthropology of care   9 Dec 2017   
MORI Akiko
International Forum; Thinking about Cultural Heritage Regimes.   13 Oct 2015   
Rethinking the social in Berlin: An ethnographic study
Akiko Mori
The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences   16 May 2014   
The West and the Europe in Anthropology [Invited]
Mori Akiko
Forschungskolloquium, Institut fuer Europaeische Ethnologie Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin   21 Jan 2003   

Research Grants & Projects

Historical ethnographical study in central Europe
Dialogical Relationship under Anthropology, Folklore and Social History
Metropolis Study (Migrant, Globalization, Europe, City-Planning)