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National Institute for Educational Policy Research
Job title
Senior Researcher

Research Areas



Child-Centered Education in Modern China -On Chen Heqin's Practice of Infant Education in 1920's-
Bulletin of the Society for Historical Research of Education   26    1983
A Research on the History of the Curriculum Building in Chinese Infant Education -On the Case of Chen Heqin and Zhang Xuemen (jointly authored)
Bulletin of the Historical Research for the Method of Education   4    1992
The Cooperative Nursing Movement Attempted by The Mothers in the home-On Some Cases Seen in Tokyo and its Suburbs
The Development and Education in Contemporary Society   4    1987
An Analysis of the Result of the Opinion Poll Given to Mothers about their Family Life and Their Children's Development (jointly authored)
The Development and Education in Contemporary Society   2    1985
A Decade of the Seminar on the Historical Research for Chinese Modern Education
Study Room Bulletin, Study Room of Philosophical and Historical Research for Education, Tokyo University   12    1986

Books etc

The Setback and Recovery of a Pragmatic Educator-The Case of Chen Heqin
U. S-China Educational Exchange   1985   
The Children and Their Play in China -Especially on the Early Chidhood
The Philosophy of Playing   1991   
A List of the Articles conserning to Chinese and Korean Education and Culture Seen in the Journals Published in the Latter Half of Meiji Era (jointly editored)
Ryukei   1989   
The Reading Guidance of Tao Xingzhi : ┣DBThe "Education for the National Liberation"(/)-┫DB
Enjoy Reading Masterpieces on Education   1991   
Keywords in Education (jointly authored)
Yuhikaku   1990   


International Comparative Research on Parents' Involvement in School Education
1999 - 2001
International Comparative Research on Partnership between School and Enterprise
1999 - 2001
Perception of Asian Education by Modern Japan

Research Grants & Projects

Study on History of Early Childhood Education in Modern and Contemporary China
Perception of Asian Education by the Morden Japanese Journalism
International Comparative Study on the Partnership between School and Society
International Comparative Stucy on Parents'Involvement in Shool Education