TAZAWA Hiroyoshi

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TAZAWA Hiroyoshi
Former Institution / Organization Independent Administrative Institution National Museum Kyushu National Museum Lectures and Educational Event Programming
Job title
Manager, Curator

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Tohoku University
Faculty of Literature, Tohoku University


Reconstractions of Two Separated Screen Paintings"Enjoying Kabuki Performance in a Teahouse"(Idemitsu Collection)
Idemitsu Museum of Arts Bulletin   74    1991
Screens of Pines and Cranes with the Sun and the Moon
KOKKA   1137    1990
The Perception of Reality in Figure painting during the latter half of the Edo period -Realistic Representation in Portaraits-
The 12th International Symposium Report by The Society for International exchange of Art Historical Studies      1994
The Seals of Kan(]E87C7[) Tan'y(]E87CD[)
Art History(TOHOKU UNIVERSITY)   (15)    1994
On the Unintroduced Portrait of Mitsui Takatoshi and his wife Jusan.
MITSUI BUNKO RONSO   (28)    1995

Books etc

The development of the paintings of the Gion festival
Japanese Arts the Great European Collections 8   1992   
The Cha-dogu(the tools of tea ceremony) in Omote Senke
On the screen painting of "Famous Places in Edo"(Idemitsu collection)and the samestyle works.
Ukiyo-E paintings in Japanese Collections 3   1996   

Research Grants & Projects

The study of the arts in the Momoyama and the Edo period