OKADA Yoshihiro

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OKADA Yoshihiro
Kyushu University
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

Ryuya Akase,Yoshihiro Okada
19th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV 2015, Barcelona, Spain, July 22-24, 2015   95-100   2015   [Refereed]
Ryuya Akase,Yoshihiro Okada
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering   25(2) 361-396   2015   [Refereed]
Ryuya Akase,Yoshihiro Okada
The 7th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction, VINCI '14, Sydney, NSW, Australia, August 5-8, 2014   178   2014   [Refereed]
Kosuke Kaneko,Yoshihiro Okada
IJSSC   4(3/4) 165-174   2014   [Refereed]
Ryuya Akase,Yoshihiro Okada
IJSSC   4(3/4) 143-164   2014   [Refereed]


FES (Flavor Environment for Simulations) : A Toolkit System for the Development of Visual Interactive Simulators
Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan   32(6) 766-776   1991
The Behavior and the Performance Evaluation of a Disk-Cache using MPPMs (Multi-Port Page Memory)in a Hierarchy
The Transactions of the Institute of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineers   J75-D-I(11) 1037-1047   1992
A High-Performance Disk Subsystem Architecture using MPPM (Multi-Port Page Memory)as Its Cache Memory and Its Performance Evaluation
Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan   33(12) 1625-1636   1992
Intelligent Box : a Constructive Visual Software Development System for Interactive 3D Graphic Applications
Proceedings of Computer Animation'95      1995
A systhetic system of 3D functional objects (Intelligent Box) - providing with functional objects to manage geometrical information -
Proceedings of sysmposium on study of Information   199-208   1994

Research Grants & Projects

Research on 3D-CG Application Software
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2000