ZHANG Shanjun

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ZHANG Shanjun
Kanagawa University
Faculty of Science, Department of Information Sciences

Research Areas



A Fast Voxel Algorithm and Hardware Implementation
IEICE Trans. Int. & Syst.   E-74(9) 2951-2959   1991
A Constructive Dispersed Surface Point Sets Model for CAD/CAM and CG
IEICE Trans. Int. & Syst.   E-74(12) 4188-4197   1991
Eliminating Redundant Components While Building Solid Models by surface Points Evaluation
IEICE Trans. Fundamentals.   E-75-A(11) 1561-1569   1992
A Two-Cascaded Filtering Method for the Enhancement of X-ray CT Images
E76D(12) 1500-1509   1993
"A Coarse to Fine Image Segmentation Method" IEICE Trans. Int. & Syst.


A Fast Voxel Tracing Algorithm and Hardware Implementation.
1989 - 1990
International Conterence on Signal Processing BEIJIN 3D Memory and Signal Processing System for Rebuilding 3D CT Images.
1990 - 1990
Proc. 4th Japanese-Sino Sapporo International Conference A Fast Voxel Tracing Algorithm.
1990 - 1990
Proc. 5th SICGS An Incremental Back Projection Algorithm Nov. (24〜25)1992.
1992 - 1992
Proc. 6th SICGS A Novel Contrast Enhancement Method for X-ray CT Images
1992 - 1992

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Intelligent Vision
Three Dimensional Medical Image Processing