ONAKA Fumiya

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ONAKA Fumiya
Japan Women's University
Japan Women's University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Department of Studies of Contemporary Society
Job title
Doctor(Sociology)(The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology), Master(Sociology)(The University of Tokyo)
Research funding number

Research Areas

  • Sociology / Sociology / Comparative Sociology
  • Area studies / Area studies / Thai Studies, Korean Studies

Academic & Professional Experience

Researcher at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Assisstant at Tokyo University
Lecturer of Ibaraki University
Assisstant Professor at Ibaraki University
Assisstant Professor at Japan Women's University


Sociology, Graduate School, Division of Sociology, The University of Tokyo
Department of Liberal Arts, Subdepartment of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Jan 2011
Dec 2016
International Sociological Association, WG02 Working Group  International Sociological Association, WG02(Historical and Comparative Sociology in Sociology) board member, 2015-2018
Jan 2016
Mar 2020
International Sociological Association,RC56部会  International Sociological Association,RC56 (Historical Sociology) board member, 2015-2018
Dec 2018
Nov 2022
International Sociological Association: RC20(Comparative Sociology)  International Sociological Association: RC20(Comparative Sociology) Board Member/ Executive Secretary

Published Papers

(Book Review)Educational Development in the World: Studies on Educational Development by Social Scientists(A. Yonemura)
Onaka, Fumiya
The Japan Society of Educational Sociology, The Journal of Educational Sociology   (75) 127   2004   [Invited]
An Articulation Reform in Thailand: The meaning of Changes after the 1999 Education Act
ONAKA, Fumiya
High School to College Articulation: Toward the Universal Stage of Higher Education   333-344   2005   [Invited]
An Articulation Reform in Thailand: A Case Study of Changes after 1999 Education Act
High School to Collge Articulation: Toward the Universal Stage of Higher Education   309-313   2003   [Invited]
An Articulation Reform in South Korea: A Case Study of Examination Reform of the President Dae-jung, Kim
ONAKA, Fumiya
High School to College Articulation : Toward the Universal Stage of Higher Education   302-308   2003   [Invited]
An Articulation Reform Utilizing Community Colleges-From A Case Study of North Carolina
ONAKA Fumiya
High School to College Articulation-Toward the Universal Stage of Higher Education   214-245    2003   [Invited]

Books etc

High School to University Articulations
Arai, Katsuhiro; Hashimoto, Akihiko (Part:Contributor)
Tamagawa University Press.   2005   
In the Eyes of Asian People
Imada, Takatoshi; Sonoda, Shigeto (Part:Contributor)
Tokyo University Press   1995   
Comparative Sociology of the ""School"" : a comparison with an islamic asylum""Ponok""in southern Thailand
Sociological Studies on Children and Educction   1996   
“Shingaku” no Hikaku Shakaigaku: Mittsu no Tai Noson niokeru Chiikibunka tono Kakawari de (Comparative Sociology of “Going up to Higher Schools”: In Relations with “Local Cultures” in Three Thai Villages)
Harvest   2015   ISBN:978-4-86339-060-7

Conference Activities & Talks

An Approach toward the Examinations
The Japan Sociological Society Annual Meeting   1988   The Japan Sociological Society
A Sociological Study on the Examination Systems of the Jesuit College
The JSES Annual Meeting   1988   The Japan Society of Educational Sociolgy
A Sociological Study on the Examinations in Socialist Countries: On Functions of School Report and Recommendation
The Kantoh Sociological Society Annual Conference   1989   The Kantoh Sociological Society
On Examinations of the British Primary Schools in the 19th Century
Onaka Fumiya
The JSES Annual Meeting   1989   The Japan Society of Educational Sociolgoy
A Change of School Aspiration in Thai Villages
Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Educational Sociology(Chiba)   1997   The Japan Society of Educational Sociolgy

Teaching Experience



Communication and Images of the Japanese in Southeast Asian Countries(in""Images of the Japanese and Labor Ethics in Asian Countries"", Chap, 2) 1991-1994
The Others   
Social History of School Aspiration in Thailand 1995-1997
The Others   
A Study of Images on Japanese and Work Morale in Asian Countries 1991
The Others   
A Study of New Education Articulation System at the Stage of Mass Higher Education 1999-2002
The Others   
Comparative Historical Sociology of Discourses on 'Education' and 'Welfare' 2003-2005
The Others