OKUBO Noriko

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OKUBO Noriko
Osaka University
Graduate School of Law and Politics Department of Law and Political Science
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Graduate School, Division of Law, Hitotsubashi University
Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University

Published Papers

Policy on Climate Change in Japan and Voluntary Approaches
Noriko Okubo
163-189   Aug 2013   [Refereed]
M. Spitzkatz (ed.)
Climate Change Litigation: A Global Tendency
OKubo, Noriko
Volume I 741-758   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
O.C. Ruppel/C. Roschmann/K. Ruppel-Schlichting (ed.)
Noriko Okubo
Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics   21 95-110   Feb 1993   [Refereed]


Japanese Administrative ADR in Environmental Matters: Its Developments and Challenges
OKUBO Noriko
(5) 117-139   Feb 2019
OKUBO Noriko
Human Rights International   (29) 45-49   Nov 2018
Noriko Okubo
Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development   189-202   Nov 2015
Mauerhofer, Volker (eds.)
Principle 10 and Developments in Asia
Noriko Okubo
Rule of Law for Good Environmental Governance   154-168   Jul 2015
Disaster Management in Japan: Towards Comprehensive and Collaborative Flood Control
Noriko Okubo
Carbon & Climate Law Review   9(2015)(1) 32-39   Apr 2015
Recent developments in energy policy in Japan from the viewpoint of public participation
Noriko Okubo
Après-Fukushima, regards juridiques franco-japonais   123-130   Oct 2014
Sous la direction de Mathilde Hautereau-Boutonnet
Presses Universitaires d'Aix-Marseille
Die Klagebefugnis im deutschen und im japanischen Recht
Monika Böhm, Noriko Okubo
Die Öffentliche Verwaltung   (19) 826-832   Oct 2007
Die neue Entwicklung des japanischen Umweltrechts
Noriko Okubo
Recht in Japan   (13) 89-103   Mar 2002
Das Kooperations prinzip in deutscher Umweltrecht
Journal of Social and Informatin studies   3 89   1997
Der dritte Sektor in Deutschland
Journal of Social and Information Studies   (1) 163   1995
Die Verselbst(]J1103[)ndigung von Verwaltungstr(]J1103[)gern in Deutschland
The Hitotsubashi Review   110(1) 192   1993
Der (]J1151[)ffentlichrechtliche Anstaltsbegriff in Deutsch land
Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and politics   21(95)    1993
Die Anstolt und pluralistische Beteiligung von Interessen gruppen
The Hitotsubashi Review   108(1) 104   1992
Die Entwicklung und Probleme der Anstaltstheorie
The Hitotsubashi Review   102(1) 103   1989

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Convergence Its concept and institutional development in telekommunications and broad casting

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Legal Study on Administrative Organization
Legal Study on Nonprofit Organization