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The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, History
Job title
Ph.D.(History)(Yale University (USA)), Master of Philosophy (History)(Yale University (USA)), Master of Arts (History)(Yale University (USA)), Master of Letters (European History)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jun 2016
President, Historical Society of Japan
Jun 2015
President, Japan Society for Medieval European Studies
Apr 2004
Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo
Apr 2008
Apr 2012
Science Officer, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Oct 2009
Oct 2009
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (USA)
Apr 1998
Mar 2004
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo
Oct 2002
Dec 2002
Resident, American Academy in Rome
Apr 1993
Mar 1998
Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
Oct 1995
Sep 1996
Visiting Scholar, Ecole des hautes etudes en science sociale (France)
Apr 1990
Mar 1993
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Jun 1989
Mar 1990
Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge


Oct 1984
Jun 1990
History, Graduate School, Yale University
Medieval European History, Department of History, Yale University, Graduate School
Apr 1980
Mar 1988
Occidental History, Graduate School, Univesity of Tokyo
European History, Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1978
Mar 1980
Occidental History, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Apr 2016
Medal with Purple Ribbon, Government of Japan
Oct 1994
Premio Marco Polo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Jun 1994
Collegium Mediterranistarum Award, Collegium Mediterranistarum
Dec 1993
Suntory Award, Suntory Foundation
May 1990
Robert S.Lopez Memorial Prize, Yale University, Graduate School

Published Papers

“Classification of Villeins in Medieval Sicily,”
Hiroshi Takayama
Spicilegium,   vol. I 3-16   2017   [Refereed]
Classification of Villeins in Medieval Sicily
Seiyo Chusei Kenkyu (Medieval European Studies)   (6) 141-159   2014   [Refereed]
Hiroshi Takayama
Mediterranean Historical Review,   vol. XXV(2) 169-185   2010   [Refereed][Invited]
"Central Power and Multi-Cultural Elements at the Norman Court of Sicily,"
Hiroshi Takayama
Mediterranean Studies,   vol. XII 1-15   2003   [Refereed]
"Kingdom and States in Medieval France"
Hiroshi Takayama
State and Empire in British History: Proceeding of the Fourth Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians 2003 (Tokyo, Japan)   pp. 27-36 27-36   2003   [Invited]
"The Local Administrative System of France under Philip IV(1285-1314)-Baillis and Seneschals,"
Hiroshi Takayama
Journal of Medieval History (Amsterdam)   vol. XXI 167-193   1995   [Refereed]
"The Fatimid and Kalbite Governors in Sicily : 909-1044, -Islamic Sicily II-,"
Mediterranean World   vol. XIII , pp. 21-30    1992
"The Aghlabid Governors in Sicily : 827-909, -Islamic Sicily I-,"
Annals of the Japan Association for Middle East Studies   vol. VII , pp. 427-443    1992   [Refereed]
“The Great Administrative Officials of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily,”
Hiroshi Takayama
Papers of the British School at Rome,   vol. LVII 317-335   1990   [Refereed]
“Familiares Regis and the Royal Inner Council in Twelfth-Century Sicily,”
Hiroshi Takayama
The English Historical Review (London)   vol. CIV 357-372   1989   [Refereed]
“The Financial and Administrative Organization of the Normans in Twelfth-Century Sicily,”
Hiroshi Takayama
Viator   vol. XVI 129-157   1985   [Refereed]
The Grand Officials of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily
Hiroshi Takayama
Shigaku-Zasshi   93編(12号) 1-46   1984   [Refereed]
“The Financial and Administrative Organization of the Normans in Twelfth-Century Sicily,”
Hiroshi Takayama
Shigaku-Zasshi   92編(7号) 1-46   Jul 1983   [Refereed]

Books etc

Quei Maledetti Normanni. Studi offerti a Errico Cuozzo per i suoi settant'anni da colleghi, allievi, amici
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "L'amministrazione di Ruggero I, fondamento del sistema amministrativo normanno" (pp. 1151-1165))
Centro Europeo di Studi Normanni   2016   
Bausteine zur deutschen und italienischen Geschichte
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "The Administration of Roger I: Foundation of the Norman Administrative System" (pp. 391-408))
University of Bamberg Press   2014   
Europa im Geflecht der Welt: Mittelalterliche Migrationen in globalen Bezugen
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "Migrations in the Mediterranean Area and the Far East: Medieval Sicily and Japan" (pp. 217-229))
Akademie Verlag   2012   
Puer Apuliae. Melanges offerts a Jean-Marie Martin
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "Religious Tolerance in Norman Sicily? The Case of Muslims" (pp. 451-464))
Centre de recherche d'Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance   2009   
Ruggero I Gran Conte di Sicilia, 1101-2001
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "The Administration of Roger I " (pp. 124-140))
Istituto Italiano dei Castelli   2007   
Citta e vita cittadina nei Paesi dell'area mediterranea: secoli XI-XV
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "Confrontation of Powers in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: Kings, Nobles, Bureaucrats and Cities" (pp. 541-552))
Italy in the Central Middle Ages
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "2. Law and Monarchy in the South" (pp. 58-81))
Oxford University Press   2004   
Studi in onore di Salvatore Tramontana
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "L'organizzazione amministrativa del regno normanno di Sicilia" (pp. 415-429))
Elio Sellino Editore   2003   
Mezzogiorno - Federico II - Mezzogiorno. Atti dei Convegni di Federico II
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "The Administrative Organization of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily" (pp. 61-78))
Editore De Luca   1999   
Forschungen zur Reichs-, Papst- und Landesgeschichte
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, "Amiratus in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily - A Leading Office of Arabic Origin in the Royal Administration" (pp. 133-144))
Anton Hiersemann   1998   
Journal of Medieval History, vol. XXI-2: Special Issue,Japanese Scholarship on Medieval Europe
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Editor)
The Administration of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily
E. J. Brill   1993   
Mediterranean World, vol. 13
TAKAYAMA Hiroshi (Part:Joint Editor)

Conference Activities & Talks

"Classification of Villeins in Norman Sicily,"
Medieval Academy of America, Annual Meeting (UCLA, USA, 10-12 April 2014)   10 Apr 2014   
"Migrations in the Mediterranean Area and in Far East," [Invited]
The European Middle Ages in Global Entanglement, Integrative and Disintegrative Effects of Migrations (Hotel Aquino, Berlin, Germany, 25-28 May 2011)   27 May 2011   
“Confrontation of Powers in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: Kings, Nobles, Bureaucrats and Cities,” [Invited]
“Central Power and Multi-Cultural Elements at the Norman Court of Sicily,” [Invited]
“Roger I' s Conquest of Sicily and his Governing Policy,” [Invited]
“The Norman Administration of Sicily and Southern Italy: Reconsideration of its Historiography and Perspective,” [Invited]
“L'organizzazione amministrativa nel Regno normanno,” [Invited]

Research Grants & Projects

Comparative Study of Governmental Systems in Medieval Europe
Mediterranean History
Study on the Norman Kingdom of Sicily
Comparative Study of States
Study of Cultural Interactions
Study of Globalization