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Doctor of Engineering
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
-:Tokyo Institute of Technology Assistant Professor


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Tohoku University


Kai Yokoyama, Yutaro Jinushi, Kunihiko Tomiyasu, Masato Watanabe, and Eiki Hotta
IEEJ Tran. on FM   130(9) 787-792   2010
Kunihiko Tomiyasu, Kai Yokoyama, Masato Watanabe, Eiki Hotta
Fusion Engineering and Design   85(5) 728-733   2010
Daisuke Kato, Ryo Sugihara, Masashi Shimizu, Masato Watanabe, and Eiki Hotta
IEEJ Tran. on FM   130(8) 759-764   2010
Li Jia, Natsuko Sakai, Masato Watanabe, Eiki Hotta
IEEJ Trans. on Fundamentals and Materials   130(6) 573-578   2010
Qiushi Zhu, Junzaburo Yamada, Nozomu Kishi, Tomonao Hosokai, Masato Watanabe, Akitoshi Okino, Kazuhiko Horioka, Eiki Hotta
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   49(056201) 1-6   2010

Conference Activities & Talks

Xe-based Z-pinch gas jet type DPP EUV source for lithography
Joint Technical Meeting on Plasma Science and Pulsed Power Technology   2010   
R&D of EUV and SXR Light Sources at Tokyo Institute of Technology
2010 Academic Symposium on Optoelectronics and Microelectronics Technology and the 10th Chinese-Russian Symposium on Laser Physics and Laser Technologies   2010   
Spectroscvopic analysis for realizing a recombination soft X-ray laser
The papaers of Joint Technical Meeting on Pulsed Power technology and Electrical Discharges   2010   
Experimental Study of Magnetic-assisted Electrostatic Confinement
Kunihiko Tomiyasu, Kai Yokoyama, Yutaro Jinushi, Masato Watanabe, and Eiki Hotta   2010   
Neutron Flux Distribution in a Coaxial Double Cylindrical Device
11th US-Japan Workshop on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion   2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of EUV light source
Project Year: 2002   
Gas Treatment by using Secondary-Emission Electron Gun
Study of Laser-Matter Interaction and Ablation Phenomenon